Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So Little Time, Too Many Things To Do

I'm afraid am getting caught up tangled with many things to be done before I would finally leave for Philippines! I am just counting the days and it's kinda funny how I would write  down chores that have to be done each day until the last day I am at home.

Who said the life of a plain housewife is boring? Not for me! I got so many things to do, and still I work online as well. I could go to bed as late as 4AM to finish all work online, and upon waking up the next day, I start my day with household chores. If I get stubborn, I can just sit back and relax while watching TV or playing games on my iPad while getting sip on soda  or lemonade and eating my favorite food. That's the good thing when you can control your time.  I do it responsibly though. I can do multitasking through early planning ;).

Now, I have to get back to work! Dang!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blogging All The Way!

It's now a little more than a month when Google updated page ranks and two of my blogs got PR3 and PR2. Since Google gave back to me my lost PR more than a year ago, I was flooded with paid opportunities through my email. In a matter of 3 weeks I got $400....pang shopping! LOL!

I know this page rank thingy is not  permanent. Google updates every 3-4 months so I guess I would just "strike while the iron is hot!" as they would say ;).

I got 2 of my blogs active for earnings once again,  with some non-paid posts in between. Well, it's quite tough when you run out of posts at times, so that's the challenging part. Then I would end up posting ads rather than what the blog is all about. Whew! Let's see when will Google takes back what they gave me. In that case, I am always ready to accept the consequences.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Now a Dual Citizen!

Thank God, my oath for the retention of my Filipino citizenship was done! It was quite a long wait since I applied in May. They told me it would only take a month wait before I could be scheduled for the oath, but it took 3 months! It's entirely different dealing with the Philippine immigration as compared to the US. Although US immigration can be discouraging at times, everything is done in a manner where you would know what to expect.
The ceremony was so quick and smoothly done, so it was a breeze.

Our photos can be seen HERE.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

An oath to be re-"Filipinized"

After 3 months of waiting, I got my final schedule for oath next week at the Philippine embassy in D.C. Originally, they scheduled me for August 11th, but the date didn't work!

It's just so difficult to deal with their system as there are no clear rules to follow, and everything just leaves you hanging without any idea on what to do and how long is the wait. Contacting them is horrible...nobody answers the phone but a voicemail system. You're lucky to be talking to a real person but couldn't give you helpful information.

I then requested hubby to do the calling. We then both discovered that in order to speak to a real person on the phone is using the US government phone, lol! My hubby uses his work phone where in it has a caller ID that reflects the "US government". That solved the trick..LOL!

And so, he was able to talk to a guy and my case was put on for re-scheduling. Then, I received a call from the embassy last Wednesday at home that they are putting me for a schedule next week (can't divulge date yet). I will tell the exact date later after I'm done with the oath. It was a good thing hubby's schedule had no conflicts on the given date, so we'll be driving there next week.

After this, I should be done dealing with all the immigration issues.

I was an "Americanized" Filipino 4 months ago, then sooner  I will be a re-"Filipinized" American, LOL!

I would soon be called "KANOY". Yes, soon to have my dual citizenship for my two beloved countries that I consider  home :).

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Updates!

I feel it's been ages since I updated my last post. It has been a rough and tough, topsy-turvy kind of activities lately for me. Anyway, it's nice to be back once in a while. I always wish I can update my blog(s) almost daily. But it's not easy doing it with 5 blogs :). I have 4 blogs where I could post everything...from a simple daily chores to a paid ad post! LOL! Although this blog is mostly personal and more private, I still post some paid posts which I'm sure you wouldn't mind anyway coz nobody wants to read it, hahaha! If you see some paid posts in between, and you don't feel like reading it, it's easy...don't read it ;).

Our House:
So, our house is done! Like, a roof and 4 walls standing, you know, lol! But we still need to work on the interior putting cabinets, water pipeline installation, floor tiling, etc... This is really one burden in the pocket as they would say, but it is our investment where we could be in it when hubby wants to stay longer in the Philippines.

As we went further with our expenses, we actually decided to give up on this because of so many loopholes in their service (PARC REGENCY). But the thing was we paid more than the amount of the down payment required and they wouldn't refund our money back!

Our house is now fully paid!...that's the only thing we are glad of. The interior construction is our current focus right now, after which I can do the interior designing later or perhaps hire one depending on how I feel once I get to see the house myself.  I still have to prepare myself talking to the people there, and I hope I won't get any high blood pressure because every single step we would do for the house  is always problematic! (haayzz, kalokah!)

So, the complete conclusion of the update would probably be when I get there and fix more things I need to do.

Our Trips:
Unexpectedly, we will be having a big trip coming next month in California for 5 days. This is of course a work trip by hubby. He will be training leaders of  SSA in 5 big cities there...5 cities in 5 days! Imagine! So, it's like "one day here, drive there" for the next day. I wonder if we will be checking in with 5 different hotels as well? LOL! that would be challenging but fun ! The 3 cities are like 3 hours drive away from each other all the way from Los Angeles up to San Rafael.

I didn't expect any more trip coming so most of my summer clothes were already packed in a box and sent to the Philippines 2 weeks ago. It would still be warm in CA in late summer, so I don't want to be packing bulky sweaters and boots on our trip! So, I did some shopping (a little bit, lol!) for some summer wears for the trip.

Then, after the California trip, I would be focusing entirely on my Philippine trip (since I will be traveling alone). I will be traveling light which means no luggage to carry because I hate carrying heavy things when I do long trips. Of course more than half of my luggages were already on their way to the Philippines, so hopefully they are already there once I arrive Philippines.

It's difficult fighting for it if you know you are alone.  There's no such thing as perfect in a family. In this world, we are always bound to be trapped and do crooked things but no matter what, you are always there striving to protect, care and love them! But this time, I felt all alone...perhaps I am praying all alone as well! God wants us to help ourselves. Praying for people won't help if that person you are praying for doesn't even pray for himself.

I am not judgemental. I don't judge wrongdoings. We are all imperfect. it's only Him up there who can judge us. I pray for them, to get back on the right track and move on because I love them. How I wish we would all do the same thing. Why do we have to keep hatred in our heart because of a certain mistake one had done in the past? Why do we have to do another mistake over again where we already know the consequences in the end? mind is tired.

Heart is aching! :(((((

Friday, August 6, 2010

Always stare at a spectacle.

Always stare at a spectacle.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Booking Our Florida Trip

Next month, I will be flying to Orlando and will meet a classmate-friend I haven't seen since 1990 after we graduated from college. It's been 20 years! So I thought, it would be nice to bond. So, then, I started working on our trip itinerary, found a cheap hotel close to Disneyworld and got flight schedules from Southwest.

We are regular customers of SOuthwest airlines. Everytime we fly with them, it's just smooth and hassle-free...and no baggage fee!!! :). Both I and hubby are members of their miles rewards program. So, this will be the second time that they gave us a free round trip ticket  to any destinations in the US. So, we were thinking of just using the one FREE RT ticket and pay the other RT ticket which is like more than $200 to Orlando. After booking our ticket with SOuthwest, my husband told me he only paid $55 for the one RT ticket because he found out that according to the Southwest lady on the phone, I have a free RT ticket that was expired! I was thinking that I am not yet qualified with the miles rewards program and I was just thinking all the way that only my husband is the one being qualified because he would always receive it from his email. They never emailed me so I didn't bother.  Well, of course, we requested them to email me my miles update as well. Since my miles reward was expired, we paid $50 to re-activate it, then $5.00 for the tax insurance. Much better deal than the $200 worth of ticket. YEY! LOL!

So, we're all set for July. Yahoo!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our "Tests of Time"

After 2 months of procrastinating, I finally got the time to sit down and starting to catch up on all of my posts here. It was actually not merely for the reason of procrastinating on what to post, but at times, there are unexpected "challenges" that pop up along the way, making your body, mind and soul weary.

Although some "challenges" are really tough to handle, they are always expected. It's just a matter of how should we face them, and how we accept them no matter what are the consequences.

It so happened, I got some of the "challenges"...ALL were tough! I am only human, I get worries, and drain me out. I seek to pray, and become tired and weary of crying out loud to God. Thank God for a kind-hearted, loving and understanding husband. If not for him, I would probably still be out of nowhere! Such a great inspiration, and he helps me with a lot of prayers and daily devotions to God.

A mother that suddenly becomes ill 9,000 miles away, and our finances being challenged and went more than half way drained are such tough "challenges". I called them "tests of time". That time I felt I was melting and about to give way, but my husband calmed me down. Well...blame me! I am really a worry-freak!...and I am still trying to overcome this through prayers. So help me God!

Then, we felt we have to start to save again for our house construction in the Philippines. We're only half way done, and there are still lots of things to be done, financially. But my husband and I mutually comes first! As long as God would allow our finances to extend help for love ones, so be it.  A life of a loved one is way much more precious than money.  My husband would only consider the help as "extra blessing" from God...I agree, because we are truly blessed! And amidst those blessings are "tests of time."

Last week, I got sudden rashes outbreak on all over my body. They were not hurting or giving me any pains, etc. But the outbreak was alarming and fast, and those tiny pinkish dots has spread all over my legs, extending up to my back and stomach, and partially on my arms with some reddish streaks.  (I became frantically worried again, agh!) making me ran to my doctor.  Since he figured out it wasn't an allergy, he ordered laboratory blood works to rule out any diagnosis. They called today, and the results were normal. Thank God! I'm feeling much better.

Of course, finances are always on the look out at times! We need to work for it, and pray for it.


"But it is good for me to draw near to God; I have put my trust in the Lord God and made Him my refuge, that I may tell of all Your works." - Psalm 73:28

Be excited when you face new tests. Close the door to the mindset of dread. Decide early to enjoy every challenge that faces you today, knowing that God will be with you to make your path straight and to prosper in everything you set out to do.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where's My Philippine Passport?!

Okay, so, the other day, I thought of calling the Philippine Consulate in Washington D.C. to inquire what has been happening since it's already 7 weeks after I renewed my passport. I dialled the number posted on their website, and after pressing the number designated for passport, I heard a 10-15 minute recorded message of a lady reading the requirements of applying for a passport and it's like taking forever for her to finish all reading those. After which I was rerouted to a voice that says Mr./Miss "somebody" will now answer your call...and at the end part..."IS NOT AVAILABLE" at the moment. Please leave your message after the tone...Beeep!!! Well, I tried 3 times, and I got earaches listening to those recorded messages to no avail.

I tried dialling the customer service by pressing the 0, and Ola! a lady finally said hello?... So, I asked her how long further should I wait for my renewed passport because I was already waiting for 7 weeks. She said there has been a delay in the processing and most January applicants haven't even been turned in yet. I applied in February 2010. So, I asked her again how long will I still wait? She replied, "wait a little bit more"....My goodness gracious! Nobody could even check it if the actual passport has already arrived.

I emailed them and told them my concerns...until now, no response yet. Sounds familiar? NAH! This is just the first few steps on how to handle the Philippine immigration service. Only in the Philippines!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

What A Good Week!

This week has been pretty much kind to! Last Tuesday, I received back the original copy of my Naturalization Certificate from the Department of State in a separate envelope from the mail. This document was needed when I applied for my US passport, so the lady at the post office where I applied said the original copy has to be sent in to the Passport Center for checking. I was a little bit concern about how safe the mail would be for my certificate, because in case that will get lost, I will have to pay $500 in requesting a new one plus a wait for another year! Well, it got through safely back to me...thank God!

The next day (Wednesday), I received my US passport from the mail, oh, la la!!! I ordered expedite service and the fastest one was 2 weeks :).

On the other hand, I am still waiting for my Philippine passport that I renewed last February. They told me it would take 4-6 weeks, it's been more than 6 weeks! Oh, my gulay!!!! Only in the Philippines! Now, I am done with USCIS. It's time to tackle the Philippine immigration, much tougher this time. :(

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Has Come!

Thank more snow, no more freezing cold, and the trees are starting to show their colorful beauties. Yesterday, it was in the mid-70's and sunny! Of course, I was loving it and it was almost like an early summer, lol! Hubby started to sweat like crazy although it's still in the 70's. Both of us are not happy during winter, I happened to love summer, and he loves the spring and the fall. I like spring and fall because of their colorful effects, but there is probably that "it" factor that summer has, the reason why I still love it no matter hubby would say it's because I am a tropical person and I grew up all my life in a warm climate! That's true!

Anyway, I am happy on the temperature getting warmer, lol! This week would be in the mid-70's. We dressed up our swing at our back porch and it's an ideal place for me to sit or lie down there to catch the breeze and colorful trees surrounding our home.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Getting My US Passport (Part 2)

So, yesterday (April 2), I went to the local post office for my appointment for my US passport application. Everything has been done quite smoothly, without any hassles. It was a good thing, hubby came with me because he acted as a witness for me.

We went inside the office and we were taken into a small cubicle. There, the lady asked me if my photos have been taken, I had couple photos in my hand, but I don't like the way I look, so I told her I want to get another more recent photos, so she did :). Just after a minute and she's done with the photos, all cut and ready!

I gave her my application form which I already filled up online and printed it, and my Certificate of Naturalization. She asked me my driver's license, but I told her I only got an LP, and it wasn't acceptable, agh!!! She asked me for any other ID like a state ID, but I don't have one. So, fortunately, I got a very good husband!, LOL! He signed an affidavit as a witness, and a little bit of informal swearing, and after reading the swore in statement, he signed the affidavit, and presented his US passport. It was another good idea that I brought his passport as well. The lady photocopied the bio data page of his passport, returned back his passport and my Learner's permit (which was useless), but she retained the original copy of my certificate of Naturalization. She said the original copy of my certificate will be sent together with my application and will be returned back to me together with the passport.

After everything was done, we went to the cashier and I requested for an expedite service. She gave me a tracking number, then summed all the expenses. I asked her how long is the wait for an expedite service and she said it might take a week or a little more than that.

That ends the business transaction for that day! Whew! Hopefully, I can receive my US passport within a week...keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting US Passport!

Well, yes, I should say, I am done dealing with the USCIS. The next step on my list...getting a US passport! And it doesn't need to deal with the USCIS, lol. Locations in getting one isn't that difficult to find. Many passport facilities have been scattered everywhere including post offices. It so happened that we have one close to home, (only 3 minutes drive). I was thinking I can just walk-in but it is by appointment basis. Anyway, I got my appointment on Friday and prepared everything that is needed. I hope I can get it soon by the expedite service.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for my Phil. passport that I renewed at the Phil. embassy in DC. They said it takes 3-5 weeks before I can receive's already been 4 weeks since last Friday. Although I won't be using my RP passport in going out of the country, I desperately need that when I travel back to the Philippines so I can get  my dual citizenship done there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, the Phil. passport would arrive safely back to me.

So, still, the journey goes on...

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Friday, March 26, 2010

At Last....A US Citizen!

After a few more months of struggle dealing with the US immigration, I was finally scheduled for a citizenship oath today at 11am. Just in case anyone wants to know my citizenship timeline, I had my citizenship interview on February 2, 2010 in Baltimore and thank God I passed! They give same day oath right after you pass a citizenship interview, but in my case, they gave me a pending oath because my fingerprints were not readable by FBI, and so the USCIS requested me to submit a police clearance to them after which they would schedule me for an oath. Quite disgusting and a hassle! I had a month and 3 weeks wait for my oath schedule since the police clearance took time to get it, plus it was all delayed due to a week of snow storms aggh!!!

Anyway, all is well that ends well!

Here's my Citizenship Oath Ceremony Experience:

I and hubby left the house as early as 9AM for my 11AM oath ceremony. It takes an hour drive going there, plus traffic, so we just thought of getting there as early as we can. We were there at exactly 10:10AM. We proceeded to Room 101 and waited at the seating area. At around 11:05AM, we were told to go to 7th floor at the naturalization oath room wherein we were properly seated. It was good to know that members of the family who are with the oath takers are seated together, so I still had my hubby beside me :). It was probably another 20 minutes for getting in line in the room to get our packets and mini flaglets, and checking of our naturalization certificates for any errors on our names and data, etc.

While on the line, a lady was checking our answers at the back of our oath notice letter where a series of questions will have to be answered basing on what happened in between the citizenship interview and the oath. They are particular if you have traveled out of the country in between those occasions, and if there are any changes that happened as well, such as got married, divorced or widowed, had crimes, etc...In my case, nothing had changed, so I was good to proceed. They asked me to surrender my green card with them, checked my certificate for any erroneous entries, (so far, it was all correct), then got my packets and flaglet.

The ceremony started with the singing of the National Anthem...of course I sang!, I know the lyrics, lol!

Then an immigration judge came in and gave us a short talk regarding on being a US citizen and  swore us in on our oath of allegiance. After that, we recited our pledge of allegiance and listened to Pres. Obama's message on a video.

That was the end of the ceremony! The judge congratulated us one by one, while they are distributing our naturalization certificates. That was the mess there, because it was noisy and I couldn't hear whether my name was already called and here comes the judge chatting with everybody else, LOL!

Well, anyway, I got mine at last, and had our photo opps. I wasn't able to get a photo opp with the judge, he was too quick to leave, lol!

And to sum it all...I am no longer an ALIEN!!! I am now a proud American citizen of the land of the free!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Passed My Citizenship Test! BUT...

Today I had my interview scheduled at 8:20AM in Baltimore. We arrived there just on time and after passing through a long line, we immediately proceeded to Room 103. I then proceeded to the reception window and gave my appointment letter. After 5 minutes, I was called in.

The interviewing officer told me she will be swearing me in before I'll take my seat. She told me to raise my right hand and swore me.

She then asked me to show my passport, green card and driver's license. She then asked if my passport is the most active and current, and I said yes.

She started checking my application form and began asking and re-confirming everything I filled up on there, afterwhich she gave me the reading, writing and civic tests.

The first was Reading test. She gave me a sheet of paper and told me to read it loud item no. 1 which says; - "WHAT DAY IS COLUMBUS DAY".

The next was Writing test. She let me wrote, "COLUMBUS DAY IS IN OCTOBER."

Then for the Civics, she asked me the following 6 questions which I got them all right.
  1. What does the president's Cabinet do?

  2. We elect a U.S. senator for how many years?

  3. How many justices are on the Supreme Court?

  4. Name one branch or part of the government.

  5. What did the Declaration of Independence do?

  6. If both the President and Vice President can no longer serve, who becomes president?

She then told me I passed the test and gave me form N-652, Naturalization Interview Results.

Now....the BUT part! She told me that my second fingerprinting was still unreadable by FBI and so I need to submit to them a police clearance before they can decide on my case.  I told her, this was always the case that I had to go back 4 times to the USCIS just to do my fingerprints again and again...:(. She said my case is not uncommon, and many had been like mine.

It was encouraging to hear from her when she told me she doesn't see any problem with my papers and they are all OK.

She then gave me Form N-14 together with the instructions on how I can obtain the police clearance. That was all about it. I was in the room for 15 minutes.

Well, what can I say? I still thank God, I passed!!!! I am still looking on the positive side as I just had to submit a document in lieu of unclassifiable fingerprint.  My fingerprints are quite unique..  Poor precious little fingers! LOL. whatevah chuva chu-chu!

Now, I need an appointment to go to bed soooo bad! hehehe... I need to get that good sleep! See ya'll later.