Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ON the border

Guest post written by Kevin Beach

I was watching my favorite morning show on Direct TV this morning and they had a segment that highlighted a new reality television show called “Border Town Loredo” . The show is a totally new cop show idea. Basically it follows a narcotics division in a border town in Texas. The situations are really dangerous. We hear a lot about how dangerous the Texas border cities have become, but now we will actually get to see just how dangerous it is. We have a friend from Texas that insists that the violence along the border is just as bad as we see in the media. He said that his parents moved from a border town in Texas to Dallas. They felt like the area was getting really dangerous and that the school were not as good as they were in Dallas. It seems like the border officers face life and death situations everyday. It is really a service that these officers are doing for our countries trying to stop heavy drug traffickers. I am going to be watching the show!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Interpretation, Please!

Imagine when you are somewhere in a country that doesn't speak English widely! That would be so hard to think about because without any knowledge in a country's language, you will be stuck!

Take for example, China. It is a country where you have to learn a Chinese language through speaking, reading and writing. If you are just a visitor, those are not learned in one sitting. Besides, I think there is no need to learn all those, unless you decide to stay in China for good ;).

Nowadays, the Chinese people are catering to more people all around the world when it comes to business. You can actually prove this with China sourcing, that is continously gaining a fast growth, right? So, you could just imagine how an interpreting service could do a vital job in meeting your needs for proper interaction with businesses you do with China.

In China, the importance of Chinese-English interpreting is highly needed. Thank goodness for Rosetta Translation ;). It has gone a long way providing its expertise in offering one of its range of interpreting services in Shanghai and Beijing and even in some parts of the country to meet the needs of many business clients that come from all parts of the world.

In Chinese interpreting, you can either choose various modes like telephone, liaison, consecutive, simultaneous or whispered simultaneous interpreting that fits your needs. You can then get your free quote online as to how you would want the service be done for you. Isn't that cool?

Thanks Rosetta Stone!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Plans & Current Updates!

I missed posting on this blog for a while. As much as there are so much things to be done, there are also a lot of things going on in my mind that I sometimes tend to procrastinate that even posting our updates from time to time is neglected. {sigh!} Blame it on me!

Anyway, 3 weeks more to go before our big and loooong trip to the Philippines! There are so much things to look forward to in this trip. One will be our housewarming party which has been postponed once due to time constraints. God willing, this will be pushed through this month.

Meanwhile, we are still currently having some more house repairs here being done. Mostly are done outdoors, so we don't have to worry about being in the house all the time. We have been previously on trips, both for work trips and pleasure trips in the weekends. The latter is always being much appreciated because it is purely for relaxation and fun visiting some places :).

I find it challenging to get so caught up with many things and sometimes I would end up not doing anything but sit in front of my PC and doing nothing, lol! Household chores, preparing trips in between, then annoying headaches at times, shopping, another trip coming, etc....ahhhh!
I am also doing good with my paid blogging opportunities nowadays, so I was just focused on those blogs posting paid opps. rather than in here.
Hopefully, as I would get the chance to hang out and post here more often, I would be able to gain a PR here! That way, I don't have any reason not to post, lol!

Got to go back to work. Both chores in the house and online are still waiting for now.
Til my next post again folks!