Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Gift of Surprise!

This Christmas, it was so overwhelming to receive gifts from my family. I used to receive at least 15-20 gifts every christmas. This year, I got 20 gifts from hubby alone, and another 10 from mom and George.
Anyway, every Christmas, it is always a tradition for me and hubby to open our presents (those gifts we give each other) at home under our Christmas tree. Another batch of gifts opening will be after our family dinner at mom and George's house.
So, at home, after I finished opening the 19 gifts, hubby told me to open the last one which has the most unique shape and was actually wrapped with weird things. I thought there is one thing in there that he would used to give me, like the regular girly stuff. Well, I was surprised to know it was no ordinary thing. It was a double heart diamond pendant with gold on the sides and with a dainty necklace. Hubby took a video of me opening the gift. You would probably know how surprise I was when I uttered the word REALLY??!!! That was after I saw the price...LOL! I couldn't divulge the price. I would rather consider this gift with a sentimental value :).

If you want to watch the video clip, you may click it HERE.