Sunday, April 12, 2009

We got a new look! :)

Everytime I go to the Philippines for a vacation, I make sure I've got to cut my hair shorter than the way it is here in the US. I love my long hair here as it is always a good warm protector during cooler times. But having my long hair in the Philippines would be a disaster for me! My hair seems to be highly reactive to warmer climate so whenever it is exposed to a tropical temperature, it becomes so nasty...I couldn't imagine having hair as thick as a rough grass LOL!

So, here are some good news...I (and hubby) are finally done with our hair appointment last Saturday with Daisy (my friend-hairstylist). And once again, I finally was able to convince hubby to color his hair as well :). We both had been growing a "salt and pepper" hair color and many say it's a good color for a natural hair. It was a good complement, but we wanted to have a slight change, and so it ended up a BIG change for me, LOL!

I usually have a trim for my hair (at least 2-3 inches), but this time, I told Daisy to cut my hair half. I was surprised that half was really long and hubby was really surprised with big eyes and suddenly asked me why that long! Hubby always loves my hair long, but I told him my hair grows fast. By the time we'll be back home, it's gonna be long again...whew! at last he accepted my reason. Besides, it would be hot there, and he knows I hate having long hair in a hot climate.

Another good news, my hair that was cut will be going into a good cause. It will be donated to a goodwill agency (forgot its name). So, not bad, right? I'm now a hair donor! LOL!

4 days more to go and we'll be stepping the Philippine soil once again. It's always been an excitement seeing our family first and foremost and seeing friends as well :). As always, we are requesting you to pray for our safe trip going there and back.

Happy Resurrection Day! God is alive and always be!