Friday, September 14, 2012

Still Behind But Trying To Cope Up

It's been 3 months since my last post. It's a long way to go back and fill in the gaps so I guess I just have to focus on the present as I go along.
On the other hand, the blogging business became so slow that made me more off hooked in a while. With so many things that happened previously...death from the family, out of town trips, household chores, house and family concerns here and in the Philippines and other stuff, I learned to analyze our typical life routines changed dramatically! It's like traveling to that regular route on the road and suddenly rerouted to a road you'd never been into.

You get to adjust being swayed from the twists and turns on the sides, and sometimes you change some approach in dealing with some people because of some beliefs in different perspectives. The latter one is very tough...knowing she is from a family. :( I came to think at it and told myself...this is America! But while I know many people have beliefs oppose to mine, I continue to live according to what I believe is true and worth living.
But I chose not to elaborate about this thing anymore since it's a sensitive one. I chose to exercise my responsibility in revealing facts that shouldn't be exposed to the public. I know it's one issue I should be very careful of, unless I get provoked! {that's my "maldita" side!)

I and hubby still continue to travel, mostly for business. After our 4-day trip to the south-central part of the US next week, it would be time for me to prepare for my much awaited 2.5-month vacation in the Philippines in November. This would be me traveling alone a long haul flight going Philippines without the hubby beside me :(. So, you see, just doing the trip preparations alone are tough! Of course, it involves proper time management when you need to include chores at home and writing in-between ;).

And speaking about writing, there will come a time to close several of my blogs that have their domain names for paid blogging purposes. It's not too soon yet, but that's a plan. It's just that I am starting to feel I am having a tough time catching up with them due to changed priorities I have to face first. But I can still see myself writing in the future. But it would probably be focused on one journal or personal homepage.
Oh boy! There are quite a lot of things I have in my mind. Ideas and plans for family and the future.

I and my husband are still continously blessed by God and we just continue to praise Him and thank Him endlessly. We would always continue to bring Him back the glory and the honor!

Til my next post folks! Stay blessed and be a blessing! Mwah to all! :)