Friday, February 27, 2009

Are You a Gold Investor?

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Chapped Lips!

This is just one of things I hate about winter! Why? My lips become dry and scaly, so that I couldn't even put a lipstick on them because they just look worst! I got a lot of lip gloss and moisturizers in hand, and I even have a medicated balm, but they just don't work. They can relieve and just give a temporary protection for a few minutes.

I spend most of the time facing the mirror and pulling off the scales from time to time. I think I overdid it one time and my lips were bleeding. There are times that I am not aware, it's already bleeding!

Gosh, it feels so uncomfortable having it. I hope winter can just be gone in a few seconds from now, and skip to summer LOL!

Winter, winter go away, come again after another decade! :)).

Our Philippine Trip

Now that our trip to the Philippines is officially confirmed and booked via Cathay Pacific, I can say this is really it!...LOL!

We just receive the ticket itineraries last week from our travel agent friend, (thanks Dion) who did an excellent job in booking us to the most convenient flight, talking about looong hours of sitting on the plane.

I had to request her to book us in a shorter hours, to which she booked us from Baltimore to LA (I can withstand 4-5 hours in this), LA to HK, HK to MLA. The route from LA to HK would now be much shorter for a wait compared to New York - HK route (this one is so far I think the looooongest wait just sitting on the plane) which we had the last time we travelled to the Philippines.

Although the total length of our trip will still be the same, (at least 9,000 miles) halfway around the globe, LOL! - the hours of sitting on the plane are staggered, which means we can have enough time stretching our knees and relax.

And  oh by the way, hubby is a member of Marco Polo Club (a sister company of Cathay), so we would be treated for a free snacks and beverages at the lounge area while waiting for our flight. I had been there twice, and it's really a good place where you can even take a nap, free internet,'s like a small home where you can sit in the living room and watch TV or read the papers, how cool is that, huh? :).

I am starting my countdown as of today! :).

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Wanna Be in Cancun!

Aside from Europe, I had been wanting to visit and see Cancun someday - hopefully, sooner than expected! :). Besides, I have heard many beautiful stories of people and friends visiting this place. Of course, I can't hide the fact that I always love to be in the tropics. Whether I would be splashing down in the beautiful crystal waters of the white sand beaches or just close to the water with a pretty sunset background, - that would be a nostalgic experience I wouldn't forget.
I consider myself a frequent traveler, and one aspect of getting a good trip experience is proper planning. I do plan trip itineraries whenever I and hubby want to go for a trip.

I came across a website called Karisma Hotels that offers cancun vacation packages. Most packages are offered with a favored collection of Gourmet Inclusive resorts located along the white sand beaches of Riviera Maya. I can actually do online reservations, but I am still currently checking some options on where is the best to go. El Dorado Royale is awesome, while Azule hotels are also good equipped with pretty scenic spots. Who knows? We can do the trip anytime late this year! :). If not, there's always the next time to do further planning.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Undergoing Theme Change...

As usual, I play games of trial and error when it comes to this. That's how I learn things as they go. The downside is it would take all your time doing it and if your patience is not long enough, you'll just give up. Of course, I wouldn't recommend this to those who has jobs that are taking their days mostly, not unless you love doing it anyway! :).

My mind freaks from time to time when I am not contented the way a certain thing looks. Just by taking a good example is  this tweakings or just plainly customizing a site or a blog.  I continously search for other better options that I think I like, and I am running out of it since WP at friendster is so much limited in features :(.

I guess I need to stick on the famous quote..."be content!". :)

Okay, for now, I am not saying am sticking to this theme, but expect a little "chaos" once in a while. Rest assured the posts won't be affected though. After all, that's the essential part of this blog.

Now, I need a good header for this. I'm still critically looking for a good photo of me that fits! I am just trying to be extra careful because customizing this header is a li'l bit tricky. It transforms photos into a horrible state, LOL!

But I'm needing a break! I shall return! :)).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blog Tweaking

I did a little bit of tweaking on this blog. I thought it would just be as simple as it is, but it was somewhat challenging, but I ended up with just a simple outcome. Wordpress has a lot of limitations, so widgets are stubborn, particularly html codes.

Anyway, I thought of changing my theme background, plus uploaded a new custom header. I tried to put animations on it, color tone combinations, photo effects....yikes! doesn't suit my taste.

Well, I finally thought of removing all animation effects and just uploaded a resized custom header on one of my photos. So far, this was the best photo I can fit in the custom header. I had a lot of better choices, but the resizing effect looks horrible...I look like an alien! LOL!

I think I had too much animations on most of my blogs/sites. So, this time, I am trying to make it as simple as it is. My eyes are even getting tired of looking at animated objects nowadays.

Have a safe and good week end to all!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This Is Making Me Crazy!

The other day, as I opened my email, I saw several paid blogging opportunities waiting inline in my inbox. I then check one of the sites which the opportunities are coming and they are all to be posted on my old friendster blog link which I deleted several months ago. I deleted the old blog because there's nothing I can do to change it to a free subscription. The choices I had was to either stick to that paid subscription or delete it in order to start another new one with a free subscription. I thought of giving up the subscription because it wasn't worth what I was paying, so then I deleted it.

Today, when I checked my email again, there are several more coming sponsored paid posts waiting and are all to be posted on the same old blog I used to have. This is a strange thing, so I checked the pagerank of the old blog link and I found out it has a Google Page Rank 4!!! Waaaahhh! I hate this...and it's making me crazy! Why? The waiting paid posts are almost $80 bucks for 2 days offer.

Google is making me crazy! That old blog has been a paid subscription for many months and never had any page rank at all, and when I deleted it, they gave a PR4??  It could have been another "site of gold" for me, but I can no longer retrieve that blog! Poor me!

If you are into the paid blogging world, you know what I'm talking about, but if not, just ignore what I'm saying, LOL!

But to give you some ideas, (you might end up trying to be a paid blogger) here's what you need to know:

If you maintain a blog that are constantly updated, try checking its Google Page Rank. (Just type and search the word google page rank checker on the web) and once you find it, type in your blog link in the box and submit.
Google page ranking comes from 0-10. The higher the number your blog gets, the higher your page rank (PR) is. The higher your PR, the more and higher paid ads you'll be getting. Now, don't ask me how Google page rank is being calculated because the answer is I really don't know! The calculations sound too complicated to understand. Perhaps, only a few knows how it works.

Now, I guess you know what I'm trying to imply. It just makes me crazy rejecting those paid ads because the blog is already deleted and had been dead several months ago!

GGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I'm really mad!