Thursday, December 29, 2011

When It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive!

Christmas and other special occasions are NOT the only time for giving or "sharing our blessings." It is being done everyday! You see, blessings come in various forms, and we give and share in various ways. For me, I see giving and sharing blessings as a chain of constant, continous link that always leads to a good cause. It means, giving should be non-stop that passes from one to another. It is because "giving is a kingdom principle, and it brings MORE BLESSINGS to the giver than the recipient."
One who shares his/her blessings doesn't expect any payment or exchange in return from his/her bretheren. Of course, God is always watching, and He knows whom to give His blessings to those who deserve. On the other hand, the recipient can pass on the "giving link" to another. I bet you know what I am trying to say, right? ;) The reason why I mentioned earlier that giving should be a non-stop link.

The Bible practically points out a lot of scriptures about giving. One scripture that stood out for many is in Acts 20:35 : - "It is more blessed to give than to receive". You don't need to be a Bible scholar to find all those scriptures, but it is just vital to read our Bible from time to time, because it is the Word of God.

On the other hand, in many instances, it is sometimes sad to see and feel that many who receive would just be contented to accept. They would make up stories that they are incapable of giving anything...because they are poor, they don't have money, they are too weak, sick, disabled, etc...True Christians can always see things worth giving to other people. Fake ones would only be sticking to one golden rule: "What is yours is also mine, and what is mine is only mine!"

Beware of those people who would only love you because you give them something, particularly material things...especially "MONEY"! Beware behind your backs that those people whom you choose to share your blessings with, would be saying things against you, and yet they can bring you the sweetest smiles when you are with them face to face!
There are more people who need our blessings to be shared that are more deserving than for people who are hypocrites. Not unless you want to give just for the sake of a show! Not unless you want to give and share because you are guilty of something?

Beware of people who only want to be with you because you give them money! In other words, they see you as a walking ATM on the road, and that wherever you are they would be happy to be with you.

On the part of the "giver", I don't see anything wrong with people who are generously sharing their blessings in public. Each has his own perspective why one chooses to do it that way. It's only God who knows what the real intentions are. Public sharing/giving is NOT condemnable, either. It pleases God's eyes when we do good works as a RESULT of salvation but NOT the MEANS for salvation. (Titus 3: 5, 8).

Watch out what the Bible says in Romans 4:5. "A person cannot WORK FOR his salvation." And it is being supported by a passage at Philippians 2:12. (This time, read your Bible! :))

I am delighted and very thankful for our Lord, that we have been graciously blessed in many ways. We believe it's because our blessings are shared to those who are deserving! We keep quiet whenever possible when it comes to sharing. We would sometimes prefer to be called "anonymous donors", and we want to maintain it that way. But there are times that we have to share our blessings publicly...when the need to do it arises. God works in mysterious ways through people whom He chooses to give blessings to those who truly need!

I hate to tell this again, but I just feel like telling it again. I don't have any intentions of hurting anybody if you get hit, but if you do, I think there's no reason to get bitter. I am not even perfect that sometimes I tend to get hit by those things I write. ugh! Of course, there's no reason to get bitter or get mad because if I need to be rectified of the mistakes I did previously, I always let myself stand corrected.

Why are there people who tend to get bitter and tend to be "demanding" whenever they feel they haven't felt any of the blessings we are sharing? I will answer that. It is because I felt they are more blessed than those "others" I choose to share our blessings with!
Why are there people who get so upset when they haven't been visited and even more upset when you visit them without giving any monetary gifts? Or shall I say they don't need your presence when you don't have money in your wallet?
Why are there people who are already blessed enough to live a good life and yet when they see other people who have something better still want to get theirs and claim it as their own?

I felt when I and my family was struggling to survive, we didn't ask any demands of any other means to people who should be there for us when calamity strikes! We prayed instead. When people would be getting together for special occasions, and we are left behind, I kept quiet and didn't complain. I felt happy and prayed for constant happiness for them. When I was going in and out of the hospital, I didn't bother asking other people to help me on my hospital bills because I know nobody can't...(and won't!). I prayed and I understood. When my mom was sitting on a corner crying because she didn't know what to do, I knew she needed somebody to help her so bad...but nobody cared! I prayed that God would comfort her. When the shelter that we occupy starts to leak and the bed I sleep at night would be drenched with raindrops, while others are sleeping so tight on their homes with tightly secured windows and doors, I didn't say anything and didn't complain. Instead I prayed for hope. My mom didn't mind being ignored while living alone in a place she called home while she struggles to walk so bad and can't barely make it for a few distances because nobody would say "are you okay? When I aired my grievances to my mom and asked "Do we still have a family?"...she calmly would say "Don't turn your heart into a stone, pray for our family instead!" I did and I am still praying for all of them because I love them. " And yes, during those times, I was still counting my blessings day by day!

Thank God, He really puts people in the right place at the right time when all we need were support, prayers, spiritual nurturing, love, patience and understanding. These are the people who are part of whom we share our blessings with! Probably, they know who they are so I won't be name dropping :).

I always feel proud to hear when a family would stand up and initiate the practice of sharing and giving. We always pray for people who are kind hearted and want to encourage anyone from the family not only to be thankful and stop there! Move and start sharing to others as well. Don't let ourselves stick to receiving.

How about you? Are you counting your blessings and sharing them because you are saved through grace by our Lord Jesus Christ or you just want to share only for a show?
I know where I stand and I know where I am coming from, as much as I know my family who raised me up not to become greedy, but only to live within what God would provide for us.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stay at home Mom

Thanks for the post from Al Mills

Being a stay at home mom means we now have to save money like never before. We need to work hard as a family to make sure being on one income is enough for us but it’s totally worth it considering I get to be home with the girls during the day. I know once they start school I may look into a part time job but for now I’m happy just being here with them in their greatest time of need. So we’ve been saving left and right to make the transition easier and we’ve been cutting back in places you wouldn’t expect. I love having so many options – I went to to get a better TV deal and I’ve been talking to the grocery store about a layaway program. I even sold my new car and got a used one to give us a few extra thousand in cash! My husband’s been really happy with the arrangement and I know that it won’t be long before I get to tell him I’m pregnant again!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our Friday Movie Date!

Sometimes, there are really lot of unexpected surprises I get out of online surfing ;). For instance, yesterday, I visited my bookmarks and thought of checking what's new from my favorite theater showings. I then saw the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol at the bottom of the theater schedule and it shows it won't be shown until the 20th of next week. I tried watching the trailer anyway, and I discovered there are initial IMAX screenings dated for December 16, (Friday) which was yesterday. I tried asking my husband if we could go watch it at the IMAX theaters in Columbia, MD since he was coming home early anyway. So, luckily he said yes, but we have to buy tickets online. Good thing we called because the previous showing slots for that day were getting sold out. So, I hurriedly got the tickets online for the 7PM showing, and luckily, it was still available.

We arrived at the theater at 6:30pm, and the line was already long, lol! I stayed in the line, while hubby went to get our drinks and popcorn. It was perfect when we came in because we belonged to the early seaters going in. So, we were able to get a good seat at a perfect angle!
We love the movie shown through Imax!! It was really, really worth it!

That was our Friday movie date that wasn't planned and it happened as smoothly as possible without any hassles! Whew! Thank you, beloved!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We Will Miss You Hi-Dee!

It's been 5 days since "Hi-Dee", my mom-in law's doggy passed away! She was 11 years old when she died on December 1st. That dog gave us a lot of memories and as for mom and George, she was the constant bundle of joy! She was treated like their own daughter and had always been a baby to them. I know the feeling!

The last time they called us, we can feel the grief surrounding them, and by just mentioning Hi-Dee's name to them is just a pain. So, we thought that we should avoid talking about her until both of them can completely recover. They are still currently in the grieving process, and I know it takes time before they can completely accept it.

To know more about what happened that day Hi-Dee showed the signs of leaving us, read it HERE.