Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"The Tools For Your Journey"

Every time my husband would request me to do paper works or make sets of packages for his training and lectures, I couldn't resist saying no. Why? It's because I love doing it. 
Another thing is that if only we have kids or there are kids around the house, they would be loving to do it as well. ;)

So, few days ago, I was doing packages for "Tools For Your Journey" where I was requested to make 70 packets with the complete "tools" in it. There has to be 12 items in each packet. 

By just reading the list (photo above), I realized I am learning as well. You'll just have to read the entire list and you would definitely understand what does it mean. So, I thought, I was having fun doing the packets and at the same time I am picking up something valuable in mind.

Good news was that, I was able to produce 100 packets out of these tools, and the hubby was happy. At least he got some extras. Those extras were just perfect that he was requested to do it again for the second batch of his teaching. He was telling me to make another 50 more packets for the next class.

This is where my workshop is! ;)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Doctor's Appointment

So, last week (3/12/13) was my doctor's appointment. I was able to bring my lab work results while I was in the Philippines which reflected the high's, low's and the normal blood work results. As I've mentioned in my previous post, it was discovered that I had high LDL (bad cholesterol) and high blood sugar.

I relayed this to the doctor and at the same time gave her the lab results. She prescribed me Crestor for the high LDL. By the way, while I was in the Philippines, my doctor gave me Roswin (Rosuvastatin) for the high LDL and took it for a month. It so happened, the Crestor and Roswin are with the same generic name..what a coincidence! ;) Before I came back here in the US, I had another round of blood works and the high LDL went back to normal. I was thinking the Crestor should be a maintenance pill.

So, the hard part...I was fasting, so I didn't take any food! We headed straight to the lab after the check up for the blood works, and it was like a forever wait! I was getting dizzy already because I was starving. After an hour wait, it was done! 

So, the waiting continues for the results!

After a week, the doctor called for the results...it freaked me out when she said I've got to stop the current medication I am taking now!..ASAP! It sounds like really urgent...emergency! LOLZ! Crazy! Then she proceeded to say I have liver function slightly elevated. ugh! I don't like this...:(.

So, the advice is that they have to repeat the blood works after a month. Ah, I don't want to keep asking and dig deeper into it. I just really get nervous doing that. So, I will let it that way!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Just want everybody to know, particularly those whom we gave access to our personal website; - "Craig & Ging's Home on the Web" that we will no longer be using our own domain name (craigandgingrogers.com), but instead be using the subdomain we have from Weebly, the host of our site.

Visit the link; - www.gingandcraig.weebly.com.

I thought it is no longer practical having it since it is not essential for a personal website because it can perfectly thrive with the subdomain alone. Besides, I love the features Weebly has. It has almost all the quality features that I need in a website. 

I wouldn't mind spending $10.00 per year on the domain name, but as I've said, it is not practical and really unnecessary as a personal website. Another thing is that, I don't need to be constantly monitoring on the renewal every time expiry dates come. It's a hassle.

Meanwhile, I still have 3 instant domains that I currently pay for my blogs. I am not giving them up (yet) due to income purposes ;). They still have page ranks from Google, and I want to maintain it that way, as much as possible. It's also one of my goals to improve my blogs to the most I can for a better page rank (PR) from Google. 

So back to our personal website, I am still continously updating it, so you can drop by and visit anytime. I would be mainly focusing on the blogs, but I can do updates on our personal web in between.

Hope you all have a nice day, and more productive days ahead of you!

Ciao! :))

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blogroll Clean Up!

This is just my first day cleaning up and updating my blogroll, and much to my surprise, many links are no longer working. I later found that out on my other blogs. So far, I was able to clean blogrolls on my 2 blogs, and not even started with this blog yet. I still have 3 more blogs to check on.

I only am talking about working links. While checking the links, there are links that are still working, but the links are no longer blog links, but already sites that are full of spam ads, clickable links and some are links that say they no longer works and are on sale! (these are domain names of former blogs that are no longer in use!) I am still giving benefit of the doubt for those blogs that are already inactive, so I am not deleting them (yet) ;).

I also saw links that are connected to my blog, but I couldn't see my blog being linked to them. I am sorry, but I need to delete them as well. I haven't started doing this process yet because I still have to delete blog links that are no longer working...first on the list!

It takes a while doing this, but I am trying to update my blogs' activity status, as they are mostly lagging behind with posts. {Sigh!}

By the way, if you notice, I changed my blog template as well...what do you think?? I also updated the main title but the original title is still there. I thought of choosing a template that would more or less match with the purpose of the blog, so it took me time finding a good one that fits on the blog.
Meanwhile, I also have to catch up updating my regular posts. I am struggling, I admit! But it's time to do so.

Procrastination is the only enemy that I have when it comes to updating my blogs, but this time, as long as I get the chance to sit and write, I will overcome it. Praying, praying, praying!