Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So Little Time, Too Many Things To Do

I'm afraid am getting caught up tangled with many things to be done before I would finally leave for Philippines! I am just counting the days and it's kinda funny how I would write  down chores that have to be done each day until the last day I am at home.

Who said the life of a plain housewife is boring? Not for me! I got so many things to do, and still I work online as well. I could go to bed as late as 4AM to finish all work online, and upon waking up the next day, I start my day with household chores. If I get stubborn, I can just sit back and relax while watching TV or playing games on my iPad while getting sip on soda  or lemonade and eating my favorite food. That's the good thing when you can control your time.  I do it responsibly though. I can do multitasking through early planning ;).

Now, I have to get back to work! Dang!

Fight For Your Right

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blogging All The Way!

It's now a little more than a month when Google updated page ranks and two of my blogs got PR3 and PR2. Since Google gave back to me my lost PR more than a year ago, I was flooded with paid opportunities through my email. In a matter of 3 weeks I got $400....pang shopping! LOL!

I know this page rank thingy is not  permanent. Google updates every 3-4 months so I guess I would just "strike while the iron is hot!" as they would say ;).

I got 2 of my blogs active for earnings once again,  with some non-paid posts in between. Well, it's quite tough when you run out of posts at times, so that's the challenging part. Then I would end up posting ads rather than what the blog is all about. Whew! Let's see when will Google takes back what they gave me. In that case, I am always ready to accept the consequences.