Friday, May 10, 2013

Going, Going, Gone!

I'm missing you!...can you pls. come back???

When it comes to food favorites, I've got a lot! And if I discover a new taste that I really like, I would keep going back to that place...a restaurant, fast food chains, candy store, etc... and my husband would definitely tell me..your favorite(s)! ;)

One of my favorite place to eat and hang out to is Panera Bread. It is also located 3 minutes drive from home, so imagine the! And, there is but one thing I wouldn't always forget to buy there. My husband call it "apple Danish", but I think there is a name for, I forgot, because I would just always point it out to the cashier and say.."I want that" hahaha! 

Anyway, I would always come out happy every time I have my meal at Panera. The hubby call it "the happy tummy" - with 3 pieces of my Danish as take out! ;)

Then, it came to a point one day when we were there, "apple Danish" is no longer available because they discontinued it. Oh no! My husband knew how disappointed I was, and he was trying to suggest other things...I just said no :(. It took him at least a month or more to let me try the cheese Danish...almost close to the apple Danish except that there is no apple on it. I still am craving for the apple Danish though.

Then, same things happen when my favorite raspberry tea drink at Burger King was discontinued, the pot roast meal at Denny's , - discontinued! Even my favorite store...Peebles which was 5 minutes away from home was closed for good...Kmart, Hollywood Video store, movie theaters close to home... all closed! My favorite scents at Bath & Body Works were all gone too!

I would always tell hubby...this is not funny anymore! Every time I find a favorite of mine, whether food or places, they end up in bad fate! Okay, so I am not announcing what would be my favorites anymore if there will still be along the way.

On the lighter note, I still have some favorites that exist, but who knows, they will be gone any day too. It's just a bad feeling when you just discover it one day they are already discontinued! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

One Fine Day In Spring...Love Birds!

So, I was cooking one afternoon in my kitchen when I saw these 2 birds perched on our porch. My kitchen table is facing the outdoor porch and as I was observing them, I had to be sure that they won't be distracted and fly away. The glass doors going through it are covered with blinds, so I had to be very extra careful not to make the blinds move that much.

As I took the photos, I had to be sure my camera focus wouldn't be blocked by the blinds, so imagine, it was tough getting my camera click.

And for sure they are lovers. That moment when they finally came close towards each other and had that final moment of kissing...hah! I got a perfect shot! There was the kiss, after which they were wagging their tails! :) After a few more minutes, and they were gone.

They made my porch a dating place, huh?