Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Place, New Peace!

I should tell this. Planning can't be as easy as how you think it is. Sometimes, it gets tough on your mind and drains your energy particularly if this involves a lot of financial aspects. Well, I know, today, you can't seem to get things being done without involving money matters. But if you know the plan would be worth it in the end, you won't mind. ;) 

I thank God that careful planning works, with prayers in between. I know in my heart why God gives blessings to certain people. He knows what are in their hearts! I wouldn't deny I am just one of those millions of people getting His blessings. And with that, I still continue to pray and say my thankful prayers.

After the house which was finally done last year (finally got my house title last month), I and my husband continue to look at what's straight ahead. We continue to strive taking a glimpse of what's in the future, through prayers. It's like when you plan about your kid's future...school, insurance, etc.. you know. 

When George (my husband's cousin) died last May, it was a drastic change we couldn't ever imagine! Mostly, it was the bad changes that we had to deal with. The sudden death became a sudden "wake up call" for us. This was the main reason why we started talking about memorial life plans, and all things that are life-death related! It's scary talking and dealing with it, but we all reach the time when it's our time to go and leave this earth.  
While memorial life plan in the US is mostly common, you could see it a rare thing to be considered in the Philippines. Without a life plan or any early death preparations in the US, and you die unexpectedly, it's like pulling down your bereaved family into the abyss of credit! They can spend like $10,000-$20,000 just to bury you in the US! Millionaires would probably are the only ones who need not to worry!

So, after long talks of planning, and analyzing, we finally decided to buy a memorial plot at Christ The King Memorial in the Philippines. It's a premium lot which can occupy a family of 12 ;). Samples were checked, stones chosen, etc...and thank God! Lot is now fully paid! Thanks "iyay" for being my eyes, ears, nose and mouth! :)) You know all the jobs you are doing are greatly appreciated. You've proven my trust and thank you for being so trustworthy! You deserve a treat! LOL!
Wherever the exact place is, it's in that area...Tata, where is the pole as a marker??? ;)

The way it will look like...hhmmm, I think this will be colored white instead! We chose the white one.

On to the next move which will be dad's exhumation of his remains anytime after November 12 next month! One of the main reasons why I am going home in the Philippines. We are praying all would become smooth in the transfer of the remains for his new home. This involves responsibility and I am willingly taking it in my own hands. I believe it's God's timing and now is the chance to let me do it, so let it be!

By the way, surprisingly, the Janiuay Cemetery will only allow the remains to be taken out if I pay the outstanding balance of the "rent". Total balance are ALL PAID until 2012! I hesitate to disclose any numbers, and I consider it NOT a big deal...it's useless anyway!  All I just wish is that other people should at least learn to be more responsible in handling this financial aspect of their loved ones who are now eternally resting. Sometimes, we are too busy enjoying what life has to offer forgetting the loved ones that have been long gone! Remember, we will all end up in the same spot...if not in the same plot! How could you imagine yourself 6 feet under the ground someday and nobody even bother to take care of  yours later in the years?
And oh!...renting for your grave forever is not a good deal! Who pays for what, when, who's turn, for how much! My word!!! That's crazy!

Honestly, it's just one of those reasons why I need to pull dad's remains out! I might have paid a bit more pricey on the plot, but that would be it. You don't need to pass the "burden" of paying to your grandkid's children and the later generation for a grave they don't deserve to pay.

And to my dad! Don't worry, everything has been taken cared of. I know we had some bad arguments before, and those things that didn't go well while you were around, but I didn't mean to shut you out away from me and the family. I still love you as my dad and I still miss you at times! You're still my dad no matter what happened, and goes with it a responsibility I need to do in however God would want it.