Thursday, June 25, 2009

Driving Updates (again)

I am now through with the 6 hours from the school. Hubby insists I continue to work on with the tutor, but I am thinking it is impractical now because we need to pay him 50 bucks for 2 hours. Just imagine if I just continue driving (which doesn't actually need a lot of lessons once you get used to it on the highway) with the tutor twice a week, that's expensive! My driving tutor gave me the tips on parking techniques, and all I have to do is enhance it.

Ah, what can I do with hubby?....too lazy to be with me to do the practice. I understand him anyway...he's a workaholic, and already dead tired when he comes home from work. I did try few times doing the parking, and I think that is the only part I need to continually practice. I don't have a problem driving on the road, winding or not, narrow or wide, and straight,!

Sometimes, I feel it's just too unfair that many states don't even give a test on parallel parking, and getting a DL is just a breeze, while Maryland is just too crazy to test new drivers on parallel parking. I am aware of the reasons, and who am I to be on the contrary?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Driving Lessons Update

Yesterday, I finally had my appointment with my driving tutor for the first 2-hour lesson. He picked me up at home and drove me to a nearby school parking lot and from there, I drove around the parking lot for a warm up and just to get used to with the car. The car was the school car where I had my 36 hours classroom lecture. It was a bit old and I had to adjust the side mirrors manually. I don't like doing it, but on the other side of it, the car has a "student driver" sign at the back so I felt more comfortable with it so that other cars would know and be considerate enough when I will be on the road, LOL.

I felt it was a good start for me, and drove for 2 hours on a long windy, hilly, some bumpy road around he neighborhood, and went as far as I don't know where I was, lol. The instructor said he wouldn't let me drive on the highway yet since it's my first lesson.

Thank God, I passed. Originally, the plan was that I will pay him just for the tutoring and not a part of the free 6-hours on the road lessons from the school since I felt am not yet ready to be graded and assessed since I haven't been driving for more than a year since my last practice :(.

My hubby was about to write a check for him, but the instructor said it's not needed because I did good and therefore, he is crediting it from the free 6-hours road lesson from the school. I was surprised but thankful at the same time. That means I still have 4 more hours for the road lessons before I can finally get that school driving certificate to present it to MVA for my final driving test. Lots of blah-blahs needed, but I got no choice anyway but to follow the SOP's.

Now, I felt my adrenaline suddenly went down, and I suddenly felt so exhausted and weak...and my behind is so sore!! LOL.

Gosh, how long can I be like this??

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A House We Will Call Home!

Please don't kill me, lol! as I am really lagging behind on all my posts. But as I've mentioned previously, I am going to share updates on our house that we are buying in the Philippines.

It was actually a very tough challenge and a lot of difficulties for me lately one week after we arrived from the Philippines. Hubby caught the bug (definitely, not the swine flu), and passed it on to me. He had a flu shot last fall, and I didn't, so he recovered faster and there was the poor me struggling on the most terrible cough I've ever had for 2 weeks.  I was diagnosed with bronchitis and pharyngitis, and had to take antibiotics for 10 days! Ha! that wasn't as easy as it sounds because I have to swallow a tablet as big as a marble! LOL!

Anyway, I'm feeling much more than better now.

Back to the topic, here is the story. While in the Philippines, we had been visiting some houses in many of the housing subdivisions in Iloilo (my hometown). I was actually surprised to see many housing real estate companies in Iloilo this year which was a good thing for us to look for more options. We finally managed to choose one house that I and hubby thought will be a good one.

The house is a single attached 2-storey home with 3 bedrooms upstairs. We got this choice because of its unique house finishing that's unique from the rest. The house will be made with CPAC two-toned tawny brick, much more durable than the regular hollow blocks that they put for the wall and foundation.

Currently, we are now paying the installment plan without interest for 18 months. Since we put a downpayment of more than the required DP amount, we will be paying much more smaller for the remaining loan after 18 months. We had the option to pay the remaining loan for 5 years, but we are aiming to pay it in less than that, God willing :).

More or less the house would be finished late of 2010, or early of 2011. It gives me excitement to think about the house, and I was tasked by hubby to do the interior designs and getting the things needed inside. Sounds like a good yehey next time we visit Philippines and staying on ou new home instead of staying in a hotel for 3 weeks! Of course, planning a house warming would be exciting as well :).

So far so good. I will post updates from time to time.