Friday, November 15, 2013

Behind The Long Silence...

It's been awhile...I had been contemplating whether to write about this or not, lots of procrastination, as days and weeks and months go by. But I had my reasons.

First, I felt that I had been mentally exhausted, so that I couldn't even think of writing anymore. It was like a sudden disinterest of doing anything actually. I felt I was  doing more of thinking and planning, then worry afterwards. I guess I got the habit of doing this during my previous trips. With that habit of doing it, I didn't recognize I have been piling up a lot of stress on me, physically and mentally, got so much busy about trips and all and suddenly I felt the stress got overblown without any warnings. I probably have been trying to be strong as much as I can...that I have to go on and on, without any breaks in between.

It started when I felt unusual chest pains, and I just suddenly felt I'm gonna die! Being alone most of the time at home, while hubby is at work, I would end up crying and panicking, to the point of feeling  both of my arms being numb and frozen, while my chest felt like it would explode because my heartbeat is beating so fast! I couldn't do any chores at home, it was just like I was attached to the bed, lying down, crying in between while I felt those physical pains..., chest pains, lightheadedness, dizziness, nauseous, the feeling of passing out, headaches...ahhh, crazy! Have you imagined yourself having those at the same time on one occasion? I felt it everyday!!! It felt like a worst nightmare! 

As I sought medical consultations several times, they can't find anything wrong with my heart for the chest pains, (although I still have to undergo a stress test 2 weeks from now, just to be sure.)
The panicking were becoming more and more that my husband have to seek an emergency advice from a doctor after his office hours because I couldn't even talk straight. He prescribed alprazolam to calm me down.
As days turn into weeks and 2 months later, I was developing phobias. Phobias of going out, fear of crowds, fear of public places that are busy...I couldn't eat, and I am losing!

So, it was confirmed, I had the panic attack! The pills helped, but I don't want to develop a tolerance to them, because they are addicting. 
Every morning, I felt the "spells", and I can't go on doing something for the whole day without taking the pill. I prayed every day, morning and night, asking for healing. I cried like a baby, shouting at the top of my lungs calling God. It might sound like crazy for some, but I went through deep sobs, that if you will listen to me, you wouldn't understand anything! Not any person could understand, but I believe God did understand!

During those times that I was calm, I started reading the Bible and a small booklet for devotions. I sang, listen to inspirational music, pray, take note and memorize some bible verses, and started talking to Him like a friend beside me. I had questions. I just told Him I needed urgent answers because this struggle is the toughest one that seem too difficult to handle, but I would be willing to wait on His perfect time to give me answers. I asked Him that while waiting for His answers, He could give me more strength to hang on. And these words were the same every day, morning and night. It was like I was "bugging" Him every now and then, with the same words of prayers daily.

One night, my husband bought me a book, and told me it was suggested by his co worker for me to read, as it might help.

So, I scheduled my readings from my Bible readings early in the morning, and the anxiety book readings during lunch time to early afternoons. Then, I thought it would be nice to begin turning the treadmill on and start my walks in the mornings as you see, as I do these activities more often, the "spells" became less and less often. Surprisingly, as I turn the anxiety book into chapters, I noticed, I was actually doing the right thing. I believed, this is one of the answers God is giving me! It's like, God is helping me but at the same time I have to find some ways to help myself as well. Moreover, the book taught me how to do muscle relaxation techniques and proper breathing exercises. The most essential part that I've learned from this book is the abdominal breathing technique when I feel a panic attack is about to start. It actually helped! It needs a lot of practice to do it right, until such time that you wanna do it everyday. 
The Bible is an inspiration. It gave me a lot of hope. I fervently prayed and I felt my faith became stronger! I thank God for the continous healing. I felt I am progressing in confronting the trigger factors. Of course, I still can't help but cry for thanksgiving! Philippians 4:6 was definitely written on my mind. I promised God I would put it in my heart as well.

Ahhhh!...there are lots of things that I should be sharing more, but I need to shorten this out ;).

I believe I still have some more things to do. There are some practice activities on the book that are worth doing, and with God with me all the time, He finally is giving me  answers to my questions. Once again, He hears my prayers. I must tell everyone...this is not the only instance God heard my prayers. Sometimes, those prayers that I had that took me long waits for answers were given more than what I expected....tons and tons of blessings were given to me, and always came with BIG bonuses! The waits were always worth it! Living a Christian life is always a battle. We have to be Christian soldiers watching the enemy and always ready for the battle whenever he starts messing us up.

Now, I always make it a point to read at least few chapters of the Bible each day. It feels like I can talk to Him more personally that way.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I survived! ;)

So, yesterday was my appointment for the nuclear stress test at 7AM. We were there before anybody else, can you imagine? Not even the tech. was there yet, and the registration desk was not even opened yet. The instruction was that we have to be there before or on time for the registration (6:45AM).
Glad to know that we didn't had to register. I just wrote my name on the log sheet, and I was the first on the list :).

But amazing....the tech suddenly appeared at exactly 7AM and called my name. lol! Of course, I started to feel jittery. The pill I took wasn't quite at its full effect yet I guess. But anyway, here's what happened.

I was taken to a a room and the tech started telling me that he will insert a needle on my vein. (an I.V.) (I hate needles being put on me !) ...and that this will be for the injection of  a radioactive isotope that would let the nuclear/gamma camera capture my heart's muscle images. 
The tech was surely an expert in his job...I felt almost no pain when he inserted the needle on my vein, but then, I quickly asked him if there are any side effects of the isotope once injected...and he said nothing since it is a radiocative dye at the lowest dose a human can handle...hehehehe!  That was comforting to know, after all. 
After the isotope was injected, he told me to go back to the waiting room and told me to drink 2 cups of water, then he will be back in 45 minutes. That was nice...I got to unwind a bit. I still felt a little nervous.

Time came, and I was asked to go to the room where the nuclear camera was. I lied on the table and a flat metal surface was just going back and forth above me. I was curious to see what's happening and suddenly, I thought what happens next? my heart started to beat faster. The tech didn't tell me anything to relax or something because the images to be captured should be my normal heart beat at rest...and it was beating faster! hahahaha! 

After that, I went to the treadmill adjacent to the room where the nuclear camera was. I was told to sit first and he attached some electrodes on my body. This time, it was now connected to a heart rate monitor. I saw my heart rate was really fast! The tech also attached a BP monitor on my right hand, took my BP and it was 146/100. Oh-uh! 
Then, a cardiologist came to monitor for the stress test on the treadmill. She asked some more questions, after which I was told to walk on the treadmill...first at a slow pace, then becoming faster. A second dose of isotope was injected on my vein. Then the treadmill went on faster. Oh gosh! the fastest one was that I was running already! I thought it was just a walk. But I had to do that for 20 seconds. (I did it well.) Then that ended the test. I was on the treadmill for 8 minutes.
I was told to sit back on the chair after that. The doctor asked if I feel any chest pains, I said no. My last BP was 150/ was still high. Ugh!

After 10 minutes or so, the tech told me to go back to the waiting room and have something to eat. Luckily I had some crackers so I had that, then after 15 minutes, I went back to the camera room, and another patches of electrodes were attached to my body. I lied down on the table and another  set of images of my heart were taken for 15 minutes. This time I was feeling more relaxed.

That was it. The tech said..."it's as simple as that, right? so, now at least you know next time." I told him I don't want to come here doing it again. We chuckled! :)

No results was given to me. I had an appointment for my heart doctor another month from now. So, I think I will get more complete and official answers from him by that time. Thank God, I am not feeling any unusual pains this time. Still keep praying that all my results are normal. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Free Movies? Why Not?

It's been a while since I signed up as a Regal Crown club member for Regal Cinemas. It was all worth it because I am now reaping the rewards! I have claimed several free movies already, and sometimes, I can get a free soda or a free pop corn for every movie visit...not bad!

My husband doesn't have one, so that when there is a free movie ticket available, we get to only pay one regular ticket price for one, which is not quite bad. A regular movie is 7 bucks each, unlike when it's a 3D movie, we pay like 9 bucks each. Free movie tickets are not valid for 3D movies though, and there are times that it will take time for me to use the free movie ticket for a regular movie, like if the movie has been going on for 3 weeks or more. 

I still love freebies no matter what..who doesn't?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Go Car Tours Epic Fail!

So, yesterday (july 7th, '13) we started early going SF for our scheduled GoCar Tours at their kiosk in Union Square. We were coming from Oakland, and it would take 20 minutes to get there as per GPS. We were not sure of the traffic situation so we decided to go there early.

We are scheduled to pick up our Go Car at 10AM, and we reached the area 30 minutes early. We signed up forms, watched video tutorials, fitted our helmets, and we were good to go.

We were then asked to choose the faster one or the one that has slower speed. We choose the faster one. After a few quick instructions from the Go Car guy, we then started to go on the road. It looked like the hubby was driving too harsh from the start...and made me nervous! He said he isn't so comfortable driving the thing because the system is like driving a motorcycle. The break and the accelerator are all controlled by hand, so that the accelerator can go as drastic as it is when you press on it, and the break can be nerve wrecking.

Now, the worst we reached the Chinatown, the GPS suddenly went off and we were completely lost! And the super worst part. As we tried to pull off the road for a stop to figure out where we are, the hubby didn't know how to park the Go Car in a stop mode so it wouldn't go forward and on the road! Nowhere to go, we tried calling their 800 no. and told them that the GPS stopped working but the lady on the phone didn't help us that much. She simply adivsed us to go back where were at when the GPS stopped, but we simply told her we didn't know where we came from since we are not from the area and we were completely relying on the GPS.
Also, there was a map provided on the car's dashboard just in case we are lost. It looks like a vintage map and quite blurred..duh! I couldn't even read the letters on it.

I tried to unbuckle and went at the back of it and opened the trunk of the car to get hubby's backpack where I had the brochure to find out if it can give us any helpful information..nope..nothing on it! I was so frantic as I went back to my seat and I completely forgot to close the car's trunk! My bad!
So, as I went back to my seat, I now had to alternate the hubby to press the break while he has to go out from the car and push it out from the parking spot since the car can't do backward mode.

GPS still not talking! The hubby started driving around and we ended up driving up a steep hill. It was probably like going up Lombard Street and we were stuck up at the middle of the hill because the car can no longer make it. lol! As the car is trying to gain its momentum, there was a car at our back honking at us. At first, I thought it's a police officer trying to pick us up to jail..wahahaha! Then he was telling us that the backpack fell from the trunk of our car. Oh my God...the camera and some valuable things were there.
So, off I jumped out of the car and had to run down that steep hill to recover it. It was probably like 500 meters away and the backpack was at the middle of the road.
As I was running down, there was a truck coming up the hill and I had to run at the middle of the road screaming at the top of my lungs saying "Stop. STOP" and waving my hands like crazy!! Thank God, the truck stopped! If it didn't, the back pack would surely be a piece of garbage with all our gadgets broken into bits of pieces!

After recovering the back pack, I had to run up the steep hill again, and I felt like I wanna pass out because I was running out of breath! As I got back in the car, hubby told me I had to continue driving up the hill til we reach the plain surface while he will be pushing it up. I had to take time to catch my breath and had to get my instructions on how to drive that thing because it is entirely different from a regular car. Gosh! This was crazy!

So, here came me driving and I was talking to my husband what will I do next...only to find out he wasn't pushing the car. He was just down the hill still struggling to climb up. I was mad! But that lasted in seconds of!
I stopped at the end of the hill but the car was still on a reclining position. So, hubby said I had to drive turning right unto the even road doing a sharp turn. Imagine that? I said, I can't do that! The road was busy and all the people were taking photos of the car (not me) and they said it's cute! If only did they know that we were having trouble and we were lost!

Anyway, I still had to do the sharp turn. I did and I went past by the lane, and hubby was shouting "stop!, stop!" The cable cars stopped! And they were all looking at me...huhuhuhu!

So, it was the hubby's turn to drive. We then mutually agreed to return to the kiosk using the google maps on my iphone....whoa! Thank God for iphones and google maps! We also had to cancel the 2-hour tour as we had spent an hour just trying to push that car without any GPS aid.

It was like we threw away our hard earned money for this, but we didn't want to risk our lives on the road for a car like this! We didn't get a refund, but charged us another 50 bucks for the cancellation! Ripped off! :((
Actually they asked us if we still would like to get another car so we can continue our tour...we both said NO! That was a nerve wrecking experience, and that's more than enough of a nightmare!

Phew! Off we went back to the hotel! My muscles were trembling...hahahaha!

What an experience. This was my first time having the hell of an experience instead of having fun. As a traveler, it is always expected so to speak. I am still getting fun in some other ways anyway.
Still long way to go for this trip.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Going, Going, Gone!

I'm missing you!...can you pls. come back???

When it comes to food favorites, I've got a lot! And if I discover a new taste that I really like, I would keep going back to that place...a restaurant, fast food chains, candy store, etc... and my husband would definitely tell me..your favorite(s)! ;)

One of my favorite place to eat and hang out to is Panera Bread. It is also located 3 minutes drive from home, so imagine the! And, there is but one thing I wouldn't always forget to buy there. My husband call it "apple Danish", but I think there is a name for, I forgot, because I would just always point it out to the cashier and say.."I want that" hahaha! 

Anyway, I would always come out happy every time I have my meal at Panera. The hubby call it "the happy tummy" - with 3 pieces of my Danish as take out! ;)

Then, it came to a point one day when we were there, "apple Danish" is no longer available because they discontinued it. Oh no! My husband knew how disappointed I was, and he was trying to suggest other things...I just said no :(. It took him at least a month or more to let me try the cheese Danish...almost close to the apple Danish except that there is no apple on it. I still am craving for the apple Danish though.

Then, same things happen when my favorite raspberry tea drink at Burger King was discontinued, the pot roast meal at Denny's , - discontinued! Even my favorite store...Peebles which was 5 minutes away from home was closed for good...Kmart, Hollywood Video store, movie theaters close to home... all closed! My favorite scents at Bath & Body Works were all gone too!

I would always tell hubby...this is not funny anymore! Every time I find a favorite of mine, whether food or places, they end up in bad fate! Okay, so I am not announcing what would be my favorites anymore if there will still be along the way.

On the lighter note, I still have some favorites that exist, but who knows, they will be gone any day too. It's just a bad feeling when you just discover it one day they are already discontinued! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

One Fine Day In Spring...Love Birds!

So, I was cooking one afternoon in my kitchen when I saw these 2 birds perched on our porch. My kitchen table is facing the outdoor porch and as I was observing them, I had to be sure that they won't be distracted and fly away. The glass doors going through it are covered with blinds, so I had to be very extra careful not to make the blinds move that much.

As I took the photos, I had to be sure my camera focus wouldn't be blocked by the blinds, so imagine, it was tough getting my camera click.

And for sure they are lovers. That moment when they finally came close towards each other and had that final moment of kissing...hah! I got a perfect shot! There was the kiss, after which they were wagging their tails! :) After a few more minutes, and they were gone.

They made my porch a dating place, huh?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Doggy Buddies! - Only in The Philippines ;)

Where else could you find buddies that sleep together, and take naps at noon time? Only in the Philippines! LOL! These animals are actually stray dogs. They roam around the neighborhood, and just feed themselves on any kind of stuff that are edible for them. If they get lucky enough to find people who give them food, they will look happy and will then constantly follow them until at their doorsteps.

This group hangs out around my house. I caught them one time going underneath our car and catch their nap there. I guess, they are comfortable with the "car shade" from the sun's scorching heat. 

There was an issue about stray dogs in our neighborhood before so that my husband filed a complaint against them due to disturbances during the night! They howl and bark like crazy and sometimes you can just hear dog fights all night! They gave us sleepless nights! 
Since the start of construction of many houses in our area, many of the construction workers started getting some puppies (not sure where do they get them, but I heard some are pups being thrown away in a dumpster or pups that were abandoned by their mothers. So, they raise these pups until they start reproducing...crazy! And then, there were tons of them roaming around.

Then, there was a new rule that was implemented strictly against workers raising stray animals inside the neighborhood. Then, at one time, they couldn't seem to control these dogs that some became aggressive and were endangering the community, so they started killing them by giving them food poisons. I didn't know where should I stand about this, but I became speechless!
It was like I felt I should just stay neutral.

The next vacation, our nights were finally became peaceful. I still notice some stray dogs, but they were not creating any noise. I am not sure if these are dogs that are much more disciplined because they are trained by those raising them, hahaha! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Voter's ID

 Got my new voter's ID from the mail few days ago, and was wondering why they sent me one and both national and local elections are not even here yet. Last year, I receive voter's ID twice in separate mails and was probably around 6 months gap. I can't complain, and actually I like the fact that they are really updating voter's profiles from time to time. 

I figured out my legislative district has changed from 9B to 9A. It doesn't make any difference location wise since my voting precinct is still the same. The only difference from the old voter's ID I had was the legislative district that was changed. I don't know what this means, but as long as I know my voting precinct, I am always good to go, right? lol! Silly me, but am not that politically inclined about these matters...{sigh!}.

By the way, I blocked the details on the form for security concerns. I still have to write responsibly, you know. 

Ciao! Til my next post. ;)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My, My Bad!!!

I was looking for tablet speakers that I can connect to my Galaxy tab recently, so I got this one from Logitech. While I was taking the speakers out from the box, I noticed they come with a subwoofer!, wait a minute, I just wanted small speakers, what the heck should this be for???

Then, it was too late that when I went to the store with the discount paper on my hand, I was looking at the same price with the wrong item! My, bad!!! So, now, I can't use this for my tablet. The speakers are to be connected to the subwoofer and the subwoofer will have to be connected to a PC.

Probably, it was so cunning that on the box it says it can be used with MP3 players. I can still use this somehow with my other PC but it has its own small speakers which are still both doing great. My HP Pavilion laptop doesn't need any speakers as well, because the built-in speakers are as loud as can be. I couldn't afford to just abuse my eardrums for these!! 
Well, right now, I don't have any plans to return it because I can still use it for some other purpose someday. The price wasn't too bad, but it is still worth keeping.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"The Tools For Your Journey"

Every time my husband would request me to do paper works or make sets of packages for his training and lectures, I couldn't resist saying no. Why? It's because I love doing it. 
Another thing is that if only we have kids or there are kids around the house, they would be loving to do it as well. ;)

So, few days ago, I was doing packages for "Tools For Your Journey" where I was requested to make 70 packets with the complete "tools" in it. There has to be 12 items in each packet. 

By just reading the list (photo above), I realized I am learning as well. You'll just have to read the entire list and you would definitely understand what does it mean. So, I thought, I was having fun doing the packets and at the same time I am picking up something valuable in mind.

Good news was that, I was able to produce 100 packets out of these tools, and the hubby was happy. At least he got some extras. Those extras were just perfect that he was requested to do it again for the second batch of his teaching. He was telling me to make another 50 more packets for the next class.

This is where my workshop is! ;)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Doctor's Appointment

So, last week (3/12/13) was my doctor's appointment. I was able to bring my lab work results while I was in the Philippines which reflected the high's, low's and the normal blood work results. As I've mentioned in my previous post, it was discovered that I had high LDL (bad cholesterol) and high blood sugar.

I relayed this to the doctor and at the same time gave her the lab results. She prescribed me Crestor for the high LDL. By the way, while I was in the Philippines, my doctor gave me Roswin (Rosuvastatin) for the high LDL and took it for a month. It so happened, the Crestor and Roswin are with the same generic name..what a coincidence! ;) Before I came back here in the US, I had another round of blood works and the high LDL went back to normal. I was thinking the Crestor should be a maintenance pill.

So, the hard part...I was fasting, so I didn't take any food! We headed straight to the lab after the check up for the blood works, and it was like a forever wait! I was getting dizzy already because I was starving. After an hour wait, it was done! 

So, the waiting continues for the results!

After a week, the doctor called for the freaked me out when she said I've got to stop the current medication I am taking now!..ASAP! It sounds like really urgent...emergency! LOLZ! Crazy! Then she proceeded to say I have liver function slightly elevated. ugh! I don't like this...:(.

So, the advice is that they have to repeat the blood works after a month. Ah, I don't want to keep asking and dig deeper into it. I just really get nervous doing that. So, I will let it that way!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Just want everybody to know, particularly those whom we gave access to our personal website; - "Craig & Ging's Home on the Web" that we will no longer be using our own domain name (, but instead be using the subdomain we have from Weebly, the host of our site.

Visit the link; -

I thought it is no longer practical having it since it is not essential for a personal website because it can perfectly thrive with the subdomain alone. Besides, I love the features Weebly has. It has almost all the quality features that I need in a website. 

I wouldn't mind spending $10.00 per year on the domain name, but as I've said, it is not practical and really unnecessary as a personal website. Another thing is that, I don't need to be constantly monitoring on the renewal every time expiry dates come. It's a hassle.

Meanwhile, I still have 3 instant domains that I currently pay for my blogs. I am not giving them up (yet) due to income purposes ;). They still have page ranks from Google, and I want to maintain it that way, as much as possible. It's also one of my goals to improve my blogs to the most I can for a better page rank (PR) from Google. 

So back to our personal website, I am still continously updating it, so you can drop by and visit anytime. I would be mainly focusing on the blogs, but I can do updates on our personal web in between.

Hope you all have a nice day, and more productive days ahead of you!

Ciao! :))

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blogroll Clean Up!

This is just my first day cleaning up and updating my blogroll, and much to my surprise, many links are no longer working. I later found that out on my other blogs. So far, I was able to clean blogrolls on my 2 blogs, and not even started with this blog yet. I still have 3 more blogs to check on.

I only am talking about working links. While checking the links, there are links that are still working, but the links are no longer blog links, but already sites that are full of spam ads, clickable links and some are links that say they no longer works and are on sale! (these are domain names of former blogs that are no longer in use!) I am still giving benefit of the doubt for those blogs that are already inactive, so I am not deleting them (yet) ;).

I also saw links that are connected to my blog, but I couldn't see my blog being linked to them. I am sorry, but I need to delete them as well. I haven't started doing this process yet because I still have to delete blog links that are no longer working...first on the list!

It takes a while doing this, but I am trying to update my blogs' activity status, as they are mostly lagging behind with posts. {Sigh!}

By the way, if you notice, I changed my blog template as well...what do you think?? I also updated the main title but the original title is still there. I thought of choosing a template that would more or less match with the purpose of the blog, so it took me time finding a good one that fits on the blog.
Meanwhile, I also have to catch up updating my regular posts. I am struggling, I admit! But it's time to do so.

Procrastination is the only enemy that I have when it comes to updating my blogs, but this time, as long as I get the chance to sit and write, I will overcome it. Praying, praying, praying!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Slight Change of a Lifestyle...For The Better!

A quick still works! :)

So, 2 weeks ago, I had to bug hubby to help me take the treadmill upstairs. It took me two weeks to wait before he finally agreed to say "go"!

The treadmill has been sitting at the basement for 10 years more or less, (as he told me), and I already saw that there unused ever since I came here in 2006. 

My work at home involves mostly sedentary, and I barely get active chores, not even enough to compare it with a good exercise. I eat a lot of carbs more than the required amount for my body, and I eat non stop!  I can actually eat a lot and I don't get big, but I developed unnecessary folds all in between my body. So, you know...the fact that they are hidden, it's difficult to say I really need to get an exercise, hahaha!

Anyway, to make the story short, we were able to move the treadmill from the basement up to the guest room. That way, I can easily access it right away in the morning before going down for breakfast. ;)

It's been a week since I started a "warm-up walk" with it. I do 3-5 minutes walk every morning, but it slips out of my mind at times that I can get to do it in the afternoon. At least I shouldn't be skipping it in a day. Unless I would be working a chore up and down the basement where in I do a brisk walking up and down the stairs for 5 minutes! :)

Ahh, it would be nice to be able to get used to it later with regards to changing my lifestyle. I don't expect it to be so sudden. I can take it one day at a time, and hopefully be able to adjust into it. My goal is to have a flatter belly by the end of the's a long goal, but I don't want to make a shorter goal if I couldn't achieve it. Otherwise, I would skip making goals instead and do whichever I can to get an active exercise daily.

'Atta life!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The (Not So) Good News!

It's been a while...I have a lot to share in mind, but I have been procrastinating about writing nowadays. There are a lot of things that happened since I went to the Philippines 3 months ago, and I actually had a lot of undocumented trip updates as well.

Anyway, this is a super late update, but it's better to be late than nothing at all, as the famous saying would say! :) I should go back to the "not so" good news update then.

It was a little more than a month ago since I thought of going to the laboratory for my blood works. I guess, my instinct was helping me to do the right thing. It should have been earlier, but I thought of waiting until my birthday, (and more birthdays), Christmas and the New Year would pass.
So, early in the morning of January 8, my sis-in law and I went to the lab...finally! It was a good thing we got the results the same day.

Oh, well, goodness gracious! The results aren't good at all! Blood sugar is high, bad cholesterol is high! That same day, we thought of just going for a walk-in schedule with the doctor just to confirm officially with her the results. It was a good timing that she was there and had no patients. She then gave me pills to help get the cholesterol down, and an advice to limit carbs and sweets to lower down the high blood sugar.

Hah! That's what I get for a "no-holds-barred" eating! And imagine, I can eat one bowl of fried rice just in one eating...(every breakfast)...ah, I felt so, so, so guilty!! But who doesn't love eating? And there I was, and instantly giving away sodas, and limiting rice intake, plus an instant fruit and veggies diet thingy!...and in between that, it was not easy doing it! I felt I wasn't full, and I wanna eat more, but it was discipline that is making me serious. 
In a matter of one week, I felt lighter, lol! 

I went back to the lab for another blood works after 2 weeks, and the cholesterol went back to normal. Ah, those pills I took helped a lot. Plus, a steady discipline of what to eat. It was fulfilling and worth it!
I was a bit high of .44mmol/l from the normal blood sugar level.

I will be meeting my doctor here in the US for another check up after a month or two.

I wanna thank Dr. Ong, our ever reliable doctor for the check ups. She's a high school batch mate of my sis in law, and she has been giving us check ups without the fee!!! Yey! Thanks doc! I will catch up with you and pay back your good deeds in some ways the next time we go back.

Have a good fruitful new year to all of us! God bless us all!