Saturday, March 23, 2013

Doctor's Appointment

So, last week (3/12/13) was my doctor's appointment. I was able to bring my lab work results while I was in the Philippines which reflected the high's, low's and the normal blood work results. As I've mentioned in my previous post, it was discovered that I had high LDL (bad cholesterol) and high blood sugar.

I relayed this to the doctor and at the same time gave her the lab results. She prescribed me Crestor for the high LDL. By the way, while I was in the Philippines, my doctor gave me Roswin (Rosuvastatin) for the high LDL and took it for a month. It so happened, the Crestor and Roswin are with the same generic name..what a coincidence! ;) Before I came back here in the US, I had another round of blood works and the high LDL went back to normal. I was thinking the Crestor should be a maintenance pill.

So, the hard part...I was fasting, so I didn't take any food! We headed straight to the lab after the check up for the blood works, and it was like a forever wait! I was getting dizzy already because I was starving. After an hour wait, it was done! 

So, the waiting continues for the results!

After a week, the doctor called for the freaked me out when she said I've got to stop the current medication I am taking now!..ASAP! It sounds like really urgent...emergency! LOLZ! Crazy! Then she proceeded to say I have liver function slightly elevated. ugh! I don't like this...:(.

So, the advice is that they have to repeat the blood works after a month. Ah, I don't want to keep asking and dig deeper into it. I just really get nervous doing that. So, I will let it that way!


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