Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spam Comments?

It's really ridiculous! My email is always flooded with spam comments. Well, it's nice to read comments that are somewhat related to my posts, but most of these comments I'm receiving are from people who only want to promote their products. Sorry guys, but your comments wouldn't even reach the published status from my posts because they don't really look sensible enough to read!

I do blog about products and promote them, but I don't promote them as comments in a post that are even too far and not connected with the idea of the post.

There are lots of free applications out there to promote your sites or products without spending your time writing and promoting your products to any blog's posts that are not even closely related to the posts. You are just wasting your time commenting on gazillions of blogs out there just to promote your link, only to be deleted instantly because it just doesn't make any sense!

Just a warning message to everyone who gives spam comments on my posts! You are wasting your time doing it because they will be automatically deleted anyway.

Just imagine when there are comments about educational thesis, writing thesis, blah blah...on one of your posts with a title of: "Spending My Christmas With My Family". I don't even care to read  that comment because it is not even related to the title of the post. Dang! When will these people understand what they are doing?

Anyway, thanks for the comments, but NO, THANKS! LMAO!!!LOL!!!

The Sunshine State

Guest post written by Julia Krimp

This spring is going to be very exciting for my husband Mark and me. We are going to move out of New Mexico after 10 years and move to the east coast. Mark and I have had great business runs in the past five years, but somethingÕs calling us to moveÉand we both really want to go to southern Florida. While we get plenty of heat in New Mexico, there is still something very attractive about Florida to us, and we are going to start a new chapter of our lives down there. Mark has always loved the Florida Keys, and often talked about retiring down thereÉguess itÕll just be a little early! We are far from retirement, but it would be nice to be close proximity to them. Being close to the water in southern Florida is going to be paradise.

Before we go, Mark and I still have had to do a few things. We have been getting the house ready to put up the market. We searched for sears vinyl siding New Mexic0 online and found some help for the exterior. The inside just needs a little paint and it will be fine. ItÕs just about time to start our new lives in Florida!