Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Warnings!

Hurricane Irene has already started her fury in North Carolina, smashing the coastlines. We couldn't probably feel her strength until late tonight. I am always praying for safety of all and for us at home. I hope we still can get a slighter pressure considering that we are not close to the crossing fingers!
Some are losing electric powers now, and I hope we won't...or if ever, it won't be that long. My gosh! I can't live without internet, lol!
I'm keeping my phones and 2 ipads well charged up!
C'mon Irene, just leave fast!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paypal's Alert Email

The other day, I got an email alert warning from Paypal telling me that my account will be on hold temporarily for any outgoing transactions until I would be able to change my password and check entirely that my account hasn't been used for any anomalous transactions.
It was kinda alarming as well, and I felt so concerned when I ordered something online and I can't get my item I bought...whew!
Anyway, I posted the detailed experience I got. If you want to know what happened, please read it HERE.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Go Modern Furniture

One of the most exciting part of moving into a new house is when you are into that part where you choose and buy your new furniture that look best for your home. Of course, I had that feeling when I moved into our home last year.
Bonaldo Designer Furniture is one of those online shops where you can get to choose very elegantly designed furniture for your home while you are in London. If you love to have designs that are ultra contemporary and yet timeless, it's the ideal place to go to.

It would be nice to have those simply yet exceptional quality sofa beds that are comfortable enough to be used daily either as sofa and beds. They are made of high quality materials consisting of thick spring mattresses making the products tough for long duration of time.

Quite an endless choices to choose from on all kinds of home furniture. Take a look at them!

MY Shop

Thanks for the guest post by Kristofer Bartlett

I do hair for a living and it’s always been my passion so there’s really nothing wrong with the way I do business, in my opinion. My dad keeps sticking his nose into things and telling me what to change and who to fire but the way I see it it’s my company that I built from the ground up and I don’t have to take orders from anyone. I recently made a lot of improvements to the salon like adding Www.SatelliteStarINTERNET.Com internet and getting a security alarm to protect everything at night and it set me back a pretty penny. My dad wasn’t too happy about that decision but I think I’m being a really savvy businesswoman! I think he’s just outdated in the way he sees things and I could teach him a thing or two about what it takes to survive in this economy. I love him to death but if he doesn’t butt out soon I may lose more than my temper with him!

Monday, August 8, 2011

An Act Of Kindness

Last Saturday, I and my husband went to Big Lots store to find some stuff I could add for my "balikbayan box". This is one of my favorite stores to go to when it comes to buying some cheaper items and yet are still good qualities. Most of the items here are also sold in bulk, and in cheaper prices, just an ideal place for sending items in bulk as well ;).
Then it was time to check out at the counter. We were next in line to an elderly couple who seem to be adding every cents carefully with the salesclerk, just to be sure they don't overspend their meager budget. We saw them with their items bought at 50 cents each and one item which was a book was priced $5 bucks. The book was mixed with those 50 cents items and it so happened that it was only misplaced on that area. They thought it was also priced at 50 cents. The male told the clerk he couldn't afford the book at $5 bucks so he put it away. The book has a title called "freedom"...(yup, my eyes caught them.)
My husband then went to grab the book back and I thought he's gonna get it for himself, but then asked the old man if he wanted the book. I saw the old guy gave him a forced smile. The hubby paid the book and gave the book to the old man saying "I want you to have this book". The old man was a little bit surprised I think while the salesclerk said...awww, you have a good heart sir!" The old man then said "thank you sir" giving a shy smile, but had excitement in his eyes.
I suddenly felt so touched, and I felt my eyes are getting blurred. I told, don't cry, that's embarrassing, LOL! I just felt so happy and proud seeing my husband helping others and seeing them happy. That day, my admiration towards my husband has grown more, and the love I have for him became bigger and stronger. For 7 years that we have been together since we got married, this man I chose to be with has the most generous heart and has the feeling of happiness and fulfillment helping others. And I don't wonder why God has been so good to him. He has been giving more than enough blessings to him so he can give it back to others.

My thankfulness to Him is endless and I will never get tired thanking Him and counting my blessings as well. It's because the most precious blessing He had given me is also a continous blessing for others.

To God Be The Glory!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Philippine Trip Update

It would be really something looking forward to for our Philippine trip this year. Our dates are set and submitted for booking with our travel agent which means we already are sticking on the dates. We are currently on the process of finalizing payments and some paper works needed to be filled out for submission at the travel agency.
Hhhmmm... it seems these paper works are now the SOP for travel companies nowadays, as required by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). I remember doing the same paper works last year as well.

We are set to leave on October 22, arriving Philippines on October 24 and coming back on November 4. It will only be a shorter trip for us this time (2 weeks) so we can be able to go back for our March 2012 trip.
I hope everything will move smoothly with all the plans on our housewarming there. I guess we have to do an early planning this time. Invitations are actually done already and included them in one of our balikbayan boxes. Two of the boxes have already been sent, so hopefully it would be received there before we arrive.

Meanwhile, I still have to update our Caribbean cruise as well. I have been lagging behind on our recent trip updates. So, I think I need to double my time posting updates before totally forgetting all the dates and all...{sigh!}
We are also seeing another big trip next month in the west coast...perhaps San Francisco and some neighboring cities. No confirmation yet but just in case, we know what to expect.

Oh boy! How could I be able to do all computer works at the same time? I still need to check the photos and trip dates during our weekend trips previously. There are so many work to be done. Trip updates, paid blogging, website updates...ahhhh!
Okay, so I need to calm down!!

Guess what? I don't think I should be pressured. I don't have any boss, remember? :)