Monday, August 8, 2011

An Act Of Kindness

Last Saturday, I and my husband went to Big Lots store to find some stuff I could add for my "balikbayan box". This is one of my favorite stores to go to when it comes to buying some cheaper items and yet are still good qualities. Most of the items here are also sold in bulk, and in cheaper prices, just an ideal place for sending items in bulk as well ;).
Then it was time to check out at the counter. We were next in line to an elderly couple who seem to be adding every cents carefully with the salesclerk, just to be sure they don't overspend their meager budget. We saw them with their items bought at 50 cents each and one item which was a book was priced $5 bucks. The book was mixed with those 50 cents items and it so happened that it was only misplaced on that area. They thought it was also priced at 50 cents. The male told the clerk he couldn't afford the book at $5 bucks so he put it away. The book has a title called "freedom"...(yup, my eyes caught them.)
My husband then went to grab the book back and I thought he's gonna get it for himself, but then asked the old man if he wanted the book. I saw the old guy gave him a forced smile. The hubby paid the book and gave the book to the old man saying "I want you to have this book". The old man was a little bit surprised I think while the salesclerk said...awww, you have a good heart sir!" The old man then said "thank you sir" giving a shy smile, but had excitement in his eyes.
I suddenly felt so touched, and I felt my eyes are getting blurred. I told, don't cry, that's embarrassing, LOL! I just felt so happy and proud seeing my husband helping others and seeing them happy. That day, my admiration towards my husband has grown more, and the love I have for him became bigger and stronger. For 7 years that we have been together since we got married, this man I chose to be with has the most generous heart and has the feeling of happiness and fulfillment helping others. And I don't wonder why God has been so good to him. He has been giving more than enough blessings to him so he can give it back to others.

My thankfulness to Him is endless and I will never get tired thanking Him and counting my blessings as well. It's because the most precious blessing He had given me is also a continous blessing for others.

To God Be The Glory!


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