Monday, October 27, 2008

Currently Roaming Boston :)

Thank God, we arrived Boston safely and without any hassles this morning. It was surprising to know that when we arrived it was actually warmer than Maryland, considering that Massachusetts is more on the northern part.

When I say "warm" it is still cool for me, LOL! I was just comparing the temperature. But not bad, it is not sharply chilly.

For those who are planning to visit Boston out! It's pretty much expensive here! We are just lucky enough to be enjoying the government employee rate of our hotel room right now. The regular price per room (Hilton) is a whooping $599 a night!!!!...unbelievable, but true!

The city is small, but it is more like New York where roads are crowded and always bustling. Taxi cabs honk and drivers drive like the way they are in the Philippines :)). I love the gothic styles of their historical buildings, but I haven't taken any shot yet. I find it just a bit difficult to do the walking tour and take some photos because of the weather. We figured out we have to walk at least more than a mile to visit historical sites and buildings, and with the cold weather, I don't want to risk, not unless we can go on a hop on-hop-off tour perhaps. Hubby must have been tired doing those kind of tour either because everytime we sign up for such tours, he would be snoring inside the trolley :).

I wonder if we have a random visit tomorrow...I heard some shopping on the other corner of the room...{{{my eyes wide opened}}}... well??

I'm thinking of Quincy Market. Let's see :))

Have a good blessed day, everyone.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sigh of Relief!

Thank God! My internet is back. The technician came in today to check everything and it was all completely good and running fast.

I couldn't just imagine the things that I missed on the net for 3 days....A LOT!! I had many pending posts for paid ads (thank God, I still am getting an income) and managed to catch up and update my blogs.

Happy Friday :).

Internet Down For 3 Days Now...

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you all know that my internet was down since Tuesday afternoon. Our internet provider detected interruptions on some of the roads being constructed close to us, so technician will be coming over to adjust the signal suppose to be this afternoon. Am hoping and praying it will get back sooner.

Currently, I tapped my wireless networking to a network close to my neighbor. I don't know if this is illegal, but it was one of the available networks. I just don't want to be using it for so long.

Thank God, my Broadcom worked. It's an adapter that I installed in my PC for many years...I was thinking it is useless and almost deleted it, but now I know this is the real purpose of it. It can detect many wireless network that is available, so here I am...

It is a horrible feeling to be away from the internet for 3's just like I am thrown in a desert! :(. Perhaps, it's because I got used to be working daily online. It's my source of income.

Anyway, help me pray our internet connection will be done ASAP. It's one of my lifeline! :((.

Stay safe and God bless!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Friendster's Teasing Me With Glitches!

Early this afternoon, I wanted to update my blog and so I tried to go to my dashboard...took me to wait forever to show up on my screen but never did and instead showed me "cannot display page".

After 15 minutes, I tried to go back, and instead "temporary maintenance" was displayed.

After 20 minutes, I went back again to check it and presto! dashboard showed up! Then, I thought of seeing new photos of one of my friends, and when I clicked my friend's profile, it says "private profile" and "messaging off" must be friends with order to see these photos! Well, she is on my friends list!

So, I got confused and wondered why.

Damn it! I don't wanna get a headache with that, so I just logged out and went to get my snacks..Now, that should be better :). I enjoyed my munchings and now I feel so sleepy, hehehe!

Then, I opened my friendster page again and logged back in, and all is well that ends well.

Oh boy,...those glitches are just around the corner at times, but who cares? It goes on and off...I don't mind.

Now, I'm back to my packing mania...I am at a challenge how to fit those thick clothes in 2 luggages! But on top of it, I'm getting excited for our Boston trip next week..yey! I still am taking in charge of our trip itineraries as usual as to where to go visit. I already ordered 2 tickets for our whale watching on October 31.  Hubby was speechless!!! HAHAHAHA!

BOSTON...see you next week.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm back!

There have been some good news I wanted to share you all.  First, I am now starting my first post for my new friendster blog. After I deleted my blog last week, I had to wait for another week before Friendster finally allowed me to create a new one :).

Second, the geek squad successfully managed to fix our 3 PCs at home (2 laptops) and a desktop today. The three computers had some spywares and bad elements but they were manageable and easily fixed, except for my other laptop (I named it "Paul Charles) which according to the geek guy (Double Agent Gregory) was very severely sick and was about to crash! Thank God, it was really a smart idea to seek the help of the Geek was saved! The bad spyware that Paul Charles caught has a Trojan virus in it and its registry is already badly messed up and corrupted! I had been relying on the anti-spyware that was installed, but it didn't help!

Our Norton Security were all uninstalled and was changed with Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, much more better than Norton, Mcafee, etc.  It critically identifies all spams in the mail from our Outlook Express, and as you browse online, it tells you everything about what's happening, such as it tells you if the site is good, a spam, a phishing site, or tells beforehand what to do before you open a dangerous site....I find it cool! Although I haven't heard about Kaspersky yet, not until they installed it on our PCs.

Thank you Geek Squad for saving our PCs...and saving our identities from a possible theft!

On the other hand, I can't import my old blog that I saved because it exceeds the limit of the download. Now, that's the bad news! I really have to start from the scratch, but I don't mind. At least, now my mind is at peace.

Happy weekend everyone!