Monday, October 20, 2008

Friendster's Teasing Me With Glitches!

Early this afternoon, I wanted to update my blog and so I tried to go to my dashboard...took me to wait forever to show up on my screen but never did and instead showed me "cannot display page".

After 15 minutes, I tried to go back, and instead "temporary maintenance" was displayed.

After 20 minutes, I went back again to check it and presto! dashboard showed up! Then, I thought of seeing new photos of one of my friends, and when I clicked my friend's profile, it says "private profile" and "messaging off" must be friends with order to see these photos! Well, she is on my friends list!

So, I got confused and wondered why.

Damn it! I don't wanna get a headache with that, so I just logged out and went to get my snacks..Now, that should be better :). I enjoyed my munchings and now I feel so sleepy, hehehe!

Then, I opened my friendster page again and logged back in, and all is well that ends well.

Oh boy,...those glitches are just around the corner at times, but who cares? It goes on and off...I don't mind.

Now, I'm back to my packing mania...I am at a challenge how to fit those thick clothes in 2 luggages! But on top of it, I'm getting excited for our Boston trip next week..yey! I still am taking in charge of our trip itineraries as usual as to where to go visit. I already ordered 2 tickets for our whale watching on October 31.  Hubby was speechless!!! HAHAHAHA!

BOSTON...see you next week.


Gracia said...

Enjoy and take care. sama naman ako sa Boston Haha

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