Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm back!

There have been some good news I wanted to share you all.  First, I am now starting my first post for my new friendster blog. After I deleted my blog last week, I had to wait for another week before Friendster finally allowed me to create a new one :).

Second, the geek squad successfully managed to fix our 3 PCs at home (2 laptops) and a desktop today. The three computers had some spywares and bad elements but they were manageable and easily fixed, except for my other laptop (I named it "Paul Charles) which according to the geek guy (Double Agent Gregory) was very severely sick and was about to crash! Thank God, it was really a smart idea to seek the help of the Geek was saved! The bad spyware that Paul Charles caught has a Trojan virus in it and its registry is already badly messed up and corrupted! I had been relying on the anti-spyware that was installed, but it didn't help!

Our Norton Security were all uninstalled and was changed with Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, much more better than Norton, Mcafee, etc.  It critically identifies all spams in the mail from our Outlook Express, and as you browse online, it tells you everything about what's happening, such as it tells you if the site is good, a spam, a phishing site, or tells beforehand what to do before you open a dangerous site....I find it cool! Although I haven't heard about Kaspersky yet, not until they installed it on our PCs.

Thank you Geek Squad for saving our PCs...and saving our identities from a possible theft!

On the other hand, I can't import my old blog that I saved because it exceeds the limit of the download. Now, that's the bad news! I really have to start from the scratch, but I don't mind. At least, now my mind is at peace.

Happy weekend everyone!


gracelack said...

ging, i just fixed the link to your blog from my blog. regards!

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