Monday, October 27, 2008

Currently Roaming Boston :)

Thank God, we arrived Boston safely and without any hassles this morning. It was surprising to know that when we arrived it was actually warmer than Maryland, considering that Massachusetts is more on the northern part.

When I say "warm" it is still cool for me, LOL! I was just comparing the temperature. But not bad, it is not sharply chilly.

For those who are planning to visit Boston out! It's pretty much expensive here! We are just lucky enough to be enjoying the government employee rate of our hotel room right now. The regular price per room (Hilton) is a whooping $599 a night!!!!...unbelievable, but true!

The city is small, but it is more like New York where roads are crowded and always bustling. Taxi cabs honk and drivers drive like the way they are in the Philippines :)). I love the gothic styles of their historical buildings, but I haven't taken any shot yet. I find it just a bit difficult to do the walking tour and take some photos because of the weather. We figured out we have to walk at least more than a mile to visit historical sites and buildings, and with the cold weather, I don't want to risk, not unless we can go on a hop on-hop-off tour perhaps. Hubby must have been tired doing those kind of tour either because everytime we sign up for such tours, he would be snoring inside the trolley :).

I wonder if we have a random visit tomorrow...I heard some shopping on the other corner of the room...{{{my eyes wide opened}}}... well??

I'm thinking of Quincy Market. Let's see :))

Have a good blessed day, everyone.


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