Sunday, November 2, 2008

Attempted Hacks on Our Credit!

Last Saturday, immediately after we arrived home from Boston, there were pending voice mail messages on our phone. Hubby checked on them and 2 messages came from one of our credit card provider telling us that there has been some suspicious activity that had occured same day (Saturday) on one of hubby's credit card accounts. He immediately called the number and we discovered, somebody had ordered items from and another from snapfish. The credit card representative told us the transactions happened at 1:00AM of Saturday. Hubby asked me if I ordered those, I told him not at all, because I never used his credit card in ordering things.

The total amount of the transactions was more than $1,000!!!

Thank God!...our credit card anti-fraud protector works! My husband said to me: "Looks like we have to eat our own words". I readily agreed because last time, hubby had a bad argument with the same credit card provider because they withheld our purchases, thinking that it was a fraudulent activity. Hubby warned them of cancelling his account with them. Now, we know they are just doing their job, for our own good and security.

For those who have credit cards, better get an anti-fraud detector service with just a minimal fee. Our accounts has it, and just for a minimal fee, it is all worth it to protect you from any attempted hacking.

Be safe and advanced Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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