Monday, November 10, 2008

5WITS - Boston's Most Interactive Entertainment Experience

If you find yourself roaming around Boston, - and you love to take a mind-bending adventure of sights, sound and action, visit 5WITS - located at Brookline Ave.

The 5WITS premier show called "TOMB" is just like stepping into a simulated Indiana Jones movie setting wherein you find yourself solving puzzles and mind boggling games inside a 3,000 year-old tomb using your wits.

This is a 45-minute adventure, but might take longer depending on how fast you are in solving a given task.

In the setting, you'll find yourself trapped by the spirit of an ancient pharaoh, facing ingenious challenges that must be completed. The bigger your group, the better teamwork!

Our experience:

It was a little bit more tough for us since there were only 2 of us (me and hubby) plus our guide.

Take note: - a guide will always be with you just to be sure you won't be trapped there forever!

We were taken to 5 chambers (I hope I counted correctly) one at a time as we solve mind boggling games. I will tell you the details later once I've already posted this on my travel blog.

So far, I tried counting the tasks and we had 9 tasks as much as my mind can recall all of them. It seems when you fail in a certain task, there's an option (simpler one) given just for the sake of completing it, so you can move on to the next. Without completeing any task given in a certain chamber, you can't move on and thus, you will be trapped.

If you want to know more, you can find them online as well.

From there, you know more what to expect, including the ticket prices and driving directions.

Try it!'s one of a kind.


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