Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stepping Into The Prime of Life

Two weeks more, and I will be into what they call the prime of life.

As much as I am getting old(er), it seems I'm already starting to feel some annoying symptoms. I know I have a lot, but I continue to pray and lift my hands all up to Him above. I continue to be a Christian soldier who fights for anything worth fighting for including health problems and sickness.

It's now a week since I started to have this vertigo that annoys me. I got it when we were in Boston. Everytime I lie down and get up from bed...everything spins like crazy!

I hope we can get a doctor's appointment sooner. Please help me pray for a complete healing and fast recovery.


Lisa said...

I will surely pray for u sis. I have been having health problems myself lately due to lack of sleep. It started when I had the ringing in my ears a couple of months ago. I can't sleep because in the quietness of the night, all I can hear is the ringing in my ears. It was so annoying and I developed anxiety and insomnia because of this. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me Xanax to relieve me of this anxiety so I can sleep. I researched in the internet and they call this ringing in my ears tinnitus. I am in our church prayer list for the last couple of months now sis. I've been to a lot of trials in my life concerning my health. Sometimes I ask myself, what did I do to deserve all this? But I still trust God that all these will come to pass and He will heal me like what He did to me before. Please pray for me. Let's be prayer partners. Jesus Christ is the greatest healer. He can heal us sis. Nothing is too difficult for Him.

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