Friday, November 14, 2008

Where did all my friends go???

Since last night I had a hard time accessing my friendster page. It appeared later that it was of "temporary maintenance."

However, when I tried accessing it again today, I noticed that almost all of my friends on my list were gone. Am I the only one having this glitch? It's ridiculous! For 200+ friends, gone???

I wonder what's the friendster team has been doing lately. I hope it's only a glitch. I can't just afford to lose another vital links (friendster has already lost my 200+ some links on my blogs.


mark said...

npoe ur not the only one! i lost 900 of my friends ! and i spent hours searching for them . some are even half way round the world! i'm kinda pissed off!

steve said...

same here "only 15 friends have survive da glitch"

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