Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Philippine Trip Update

It would be really something looking forward to for our Philippine trip this year. Our dates are set and submitted for booking with our travel agent which means we already are sticking on the dates. We are currently on the process of finalizing payments and some paper works needed to be filled out for submission at the travel agency.
Hhhmmm... it seems these paper works are now the SOP for travel companies nowadays, as required by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). I remember doing the same paper works last year as well.

We are set to leave on October 22, arriving Philippines on October 24 and coming back on November 4. It will only be a shorter trip for us this time (2 weeks) so we can be able to go back for our March 2012 trip.
I hope everything will move smoothly with all the plans on our housewarming there. I guess we have to do an early planning this time. Invitations are actually done already and included them in one of our balikbayan boxes. Two of the boxes have already been sent, so hopefully it would be received there before we arrive.

Meanwhile, I still have to update our Caribbean cruise as well. I have been lagging behind on our recent trip updates. So, I think I need to double my time posting updates before totally forgetting all the dates and all...{sigh!}
We are also seeing another big trip next month in the west coast...perhaps San Francisco and some neighboring cities. No confirmation yet but just in case, we know what to expect.

Oh boy! How could I be able to do all computer works at the same time? I still need to check the photos and trip dates during our weekend trips previously. There are so many work to be done. Trip updates, paid blogging, website updates...ahhhh!
Okay, so I need to calm down!!

Guess what? I don't think I should be pressured. I don't have any boss, remember? :)


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