Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"The Tools For Your Journey"

Every time my husband would request me to do paper works or make sets of packages for his training and lectures, I couldn't resist saying no. Why? It's because I love doing it. 
Another thing is that if only we have kids or there are kids around the house, they would be loving to do it as well. ;)

So, few days ago, I was doing packages for "Tools For Your Journey" where I was requested to make 70 packets with the complete "tools" in it. There has to be 12 items in each packet. 

By just reading the list (photo above), I realized I am learning as well. You'll just have to read the entire list and you would definitely understand what does it mean. So, I thought, I was having fun doing the packets and at the same time I am picking up something valuable in mind.

Good news was that, I was able to produce 100 packets out of these tools, and the hubby was happy. At least he got some extras. Those extras were just perfect that he was requested to do it again for the second batch of his teaching. He was telling me to make another 50 more packets for the next class.

This is where my workshop is! ;)


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