Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Just want everybody to know, particularly those whom we gave access to our personal website; - "Craig & Ging's Home on the Web" that we will no longer be using our own domain name (, but instead be using the subdomain we have from Weebly, the host of our site.

Visit the link; -

I thought it is no longer practical having it since it is not essential for a personal website because it can perfectly thrive with the subdomain alone. Besides, I love the features Weebly has. It has almost all the quality features that I need in a website. 

I wouldn't mind spending $10.00 per year on the domain name, but as I've said, it is not practical and really unnecessary as a personal website. Another thing is that, I don't need to be constantly monitoring on the renewal every time expiry dates come. It's a hassle.

Meanwhile, I still have 3 instant domains that I currently pay for my blogs. I am not giving them up (yet) due to income purposes ;). They still have page ranks from Google, and I want to maintain it that way, as much as possible. It's also one of my goals to improve my blogs to the most I can for a better page rank (PR) from Google. 

So back to our personal website, I am still continously updating it, so you can drop by and visit anytime. I would be mainly focusing on the blogs, but I can do updates on our personal web in between.

Hope you all have a nice day, and more productive days ahead of you!

Ciao! :))


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