Friday, May 10, 2013

Going, Going, Gone!

I'm missing you!...can you pls. come back???

When it comes to food favorites, I've got a lot! And if I discover a new taste that I really like, I would keep going back to that place...a restaurant, fast food chains, candy store, etc... and my husband would definitely tell me..your favorite(s)! ;)

One of my favorite place to eat and hang out to is Panera Bread. It is also located 3 minutes drive from home, so imagine the! And, there is but one thing I wouldn't always forget to buy there. My husband call it "apple Danish", but I think there is a name for, I forgot, because I would just always point it out to the cashier and say.."I want that" hahaha! 

Anyway, I would always come out happy every time I have my meal at Panera. The hubby call it "the happy tummy" - with 3 pieces of my Danish as take out! ;)

Then, it came to a point one day when we were there, "apple Danish" is no longer available because they discontinued it. Oh no! My husband knew how disappointed I was, and he was trying to suggest other things...I just said no :(. It took him at least a month or more to let me try the cheese Danish...almost close to the apple Danish except that there is no apple on it. I still am craving for the apple Danish though.

Then, same things happen when my favorite raspberry tea drink at Burger King was discontinued, the pot roast meal at Denny's , - discontinued! Even my favorite store...Peebles which was 5 minutes away from home was closed for good...Kmart, Hollywood Video store, movie theaters close to home... all closed! My favorite scents at Bath & Body Works were all gone too!

I would always tell hubby...this is not funny anymore! Every time I find a favorite of mine, whether food or places, they end up in bad fate! Okay, so I am not announcing what would be my favorites anymore if there will still be along the way.

On the lighter note, I still have some favorites that exist, but who knows, they will be gone any day too. It's just a bad feeling when you just discover it one day they are already discontinued! 


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