Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Doggy Buddies! - Only in The Philippines ;)

Where else could you find buddies that sleep together, and take naps at noon time? Only in the Philippines! LOL! These animals are actually stray dogs. They roam around the neighborhood, and just feed themselves on any kind of stuff that are edible for them. If they get lucky enough to find people who give them food, they will look happy and will then constantly follow them until at their doorsteps.

This group hangs out around my house. I caught them one time going underneath our car and catch their nap there. I guess, they are comfortable with the "car shade" from the sun's scorching heat. 

There was an issue about stray dogs in our neighborhood before so that my husband filed a complaint against them due to disturbances during the night! They howl and bark like crazy and sometimes you can just hear dog fights all night! They gave us sleepless nights! 
Since the start of construction of many houses in our area, many of the construction workers started getting some puppies (not sure where do they get them, but I heard some are pups being thrown away in a dumpster or pups that were abandoned by their mothers. So, they raise these pups until they start reproducing...crazy! And then, there were tons of them roaming around.

Then, there was a new rule that was implemented strictly against workers raising stray animals inside the neighborhood. Then, at one time, they couldn't seem to control these dogs that some became aggressive and were endangering the community, so they started killing them by giving them food poisons. I didn't know where should I stand about this, but I became speechless!
It was like I felt I should just stay neutral.

The next vacation, our nights were finally became peaceful. I still notice some stray dogs, but they were not creating any noise. I am not sure if these are dogs that are much more disciplined because they are trained by those raising them, hahaha! 


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