Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Undergoing Theme Change...

As usual, I play games of trial and error when it comes to this. That's how I learn things as they go. The downside is it would take all your time doing it and if your patience is not long enough, you'll just give up. Of course, I wouldn't recommend this to those who has jobs that are taking their days mostly, not unless you love doing it anyway! :).

My mind freaks from time to time when I am not contented the way a certain thing looks. Just by taking a good example is  this one...blog tweakings or just plainly customizing a site or a blog.  I continously search for other better options that I think I like, and I am running out of it since WP at friendster is so much limited in features :(.

I guess I need to stick on the famous quote..."be content!". :)

Okay, for now, I am not saying am sticking to this theme, but expect a little "chaos" once in a while. Rest assured the posts won't be affected though. After all, that's the essential part of this blog.

Now, I need a good header for this. I'm still critically looking for a good photo of me that fits! I am just trying to be extra careful because customizing this header is a li'l bit tricky. It transforms photos into a horrible state, LOL!

But I'm needing a break! I shall return! :)).


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