Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blog Tweaking

I did a little bit of tweaking on this blog. I thought it would just be as simple as it is, but it was somewhat challenging, but I ended up with just a simple outcome. Wordpress has a lot of limitations, so widgets are stubborn, particularly html codes.

Anyway, I thought of changing my theme background, plus uploaded a new custom header. I tried to put animations on it, color tone combinations, photo effects....yikes! doesn't suit my taste.

Well, I finally thought of removing all animation effects and just uploaded a resized custom header on one of my photos. So far, this was the best photo I can fit in the custom header. I had a lot of better choices, but the resizing effect looks horrible...I look like an alien! LOL!

I think I had too much animations on most of my blogs/sites. So, this time, I am trying to make it as simple as it is. My eyes are even getting tired of looking at animated objects nowadays.

Have a safe and good week end to all!


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