Friday, February 27, 2009

Chapped Lips!

This is just one of things I hate about winter! Why? My lips become dry and scaly, so that I couldn't even put a lipstick on them because they just look worst! I got a lot of lip gloss and moisturizers in hand, and I even have a medicated balm, but they just don't work. They can relieve and just give a temporary protection for a few minutes.

I spend most of the time facing the mirror and pulling off the scales from time to time. I think I overdid it one time and my lips were bleeding. There are times that I am not aware, it's already bleeding!

Gosh, it feels so uncomfortable having it. I hope winter can just be gone in a few seconds from now, and skip to summer LOL!

Winter, winter go away, come again after another decade! :)).


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