Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Philippine Trip

Now that our trip to the Philippines is officially confirmed and booked via Cathay Pacific, I can say this is really it!...LOL!

We just receive the ticket itineraries last week from our travel agent friend, (thanks Dion) who did an excellent job in booking us to the most convenient flight, talking about looong hours of sitting on the plane.

I had to request her to book us in a shorter hours, to which she booked us from Baltimore to LA (I can withstand 4-5 hours in this), LA to HK, HK to MLA. The route from LA to HK would now be much shorter for a wait compared to New York - HK route (this one is so far I think the looooongest wait just sitting on the plane) which we had the last time we travelled to the Philippines.

Although the total length of our trip will still be the same, (at least 9,000 miles) halfway around the globe, LOL! - the hours of sitting on the plane are staggered, which means we can have enough time stretching our knees and relax.

And  oh by the way, hubby is a member of Marco Polo Club (a sister company of Cathay), so we would be treated for a free snacks and beverages at the lounge area while waiting for our flight. I had been there twice, and it's really a good place where you can even take a nap, free internet,'s like a small home where you can sit in the living room and watch TV or read the papers, how cool is that, huh? :).

I am starting my countdown as of today! :).


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