Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This Is Making Me Crazy!

The other day, as I opened my email, I saw several paid blogging opportunities waiting inline in my inbox. I then check one of the sites which the opportunities are coming and they are all to be posted on my old friendster blog link which I deleted several months ago. I deleted the old blog because there's nothing I can do to change it to a free subscription. The choices I had was to either stick to that paid subscription or delete it in order to start another new one with a free subscription. I thought of giving up the subscription because it wasn't worth what I was paying, so then I deleted it.

Today, when I checked my email again, there are several more coming sponsored paid posts waiting and are all to be posted on the same old blog I used to have. This is a strange thing, so I checked the pagerank of the old blog link and I found out it has a Google Page Rank 4!!! Waaaahhh! I hate this...and it's making me crazy! Why? The waiting paid posts are almost $80 bucks for 2 days offer.

Google is making me crazy! That old blog has been a paid subscription for many months and never had any page rank at all, and when I deleted it, they gave a PR4??  It could have been another "site of gold" for me, but I can no longer retrieve that blog! Poor me!

If you are into the paid blogging world, you know what I'm talking about, but if not, just ignore what I'm saying, LOL!

But to give you some ideas, (you might end up trying to be a paid blogger) here's what you need to know:

If you maintain a blog that are constantly updated, try checking its Google Page Rank. (Just type and search the word google page rank checker on the web) and once you find it, type in your blog link in the box and submit.
Google page ranking comes from 0-10. The higher the number your blog gets, the higher your page rank (PR) is. The higher your PR, the more and higher paid ads you'll be getting. Now, don't ask me how Google page rank is being calculated because the answer is I really don't know! The calculations sound too complicated to understand. Perhaps, only a few knows how it works.

Now, I guess you know what I'm trying to imply. It just makes me crazy rejecting those paid ads because the blog is already deleted and had been dead several months ago!

GGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I'm really mad!


poray said...

ur link is up on my blog...look for your blog's title when you check on it later..don't forget my link ok? tc

RAM said...

nice article..

isha said...

Hey hi,... i am Isha from India i saw your name in one of my friend's list and i also found your blog i have added your link to my Blog,i hope you will also add my name to ur Blog and share ur ideas and experiences with me.And see you in next post bye...

Hyde said...

hi sis, i already added your link to my blog just check your blog name. pls don't forget to add me too. If it is ok w/ u i have another blog that we can exchange links I will add you there too. tnx.

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