Friday, June 24, 2011

Homemade chocolate Valentine's Day treats

Guest post written by Rachel White

I love chocolate candy, so when holidays come around and there's even more candy available, I go kind of crazy and buy a lot of it to eat. It's been the same for Valentine's Day this year, as soon as they put out some of the holiday themed candy at the grocery store, I bought several bags of it. But I also got kind of inspired when I saw on a TV talk show where someone made homemade Valentine's Day candy, so I decided to make some too.

I tried to track down a recipe for those peppermint dark chocolate truffles that I saw that talk show host make on TV and when I was online looking for it, I came across the website After I looked through most of the website, I decided to switch over my home internet service to the internet provider.

Well, I did track down a truffle recipe like what I wanted to make and I've bought all the stuff for it. It definitely isn't the simplest dessert, or at least it appears that way from the recipe, but I think they'll be so good that they'll be worth the work.


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