Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Officially Summer! ;)

Since I got this blog moved from friendster to here, I haven't been able to visit it as much as I could. So, it's been more than a month since my last post and I thought of getting another post done before this blog would be forgotten, LOL!
There are so many things to tell about my updates.

First, God is so good that He allowed me to get back my pageranks (PR) from Google. My 3 blogs have been earning with PR's 1, 2 & 3 respectively. Since I regained PR's, my blogs have been overwhelmed with paid posts since September last year. The posts can really make me busy in a day and would sometimes be exhausting. But as many would say, "strike while the iron is hot!" because page ranks can become here today, gone tomorrow.
They are still here for 9 months now, so pending posts are still waiting.

This blog has no page rank, (yet), and hopefully in God's due time, it can have one too! But good thing is it is still earning! So, it's also an income earner.

Next update. It would be 29 days more to go before our Caribbean Cruise trip for 4 days. It would be my first so I am excited! :) I haven't started the packing yet, but I was able to get done with choosing our shore excursions online. These are all prepaid, so that it will all be a breeze when we are on board. We don't need to be shelling out money and credits left and right on the ship from time to time, except perhaps for some tips.

Next is our Philippine home. It has been declared official...we are extending another room, yey!! The agreement and estimates have already been done together with our contractor. I actually decided to have a canopy in front to protect the maindoor from rain and too much sun. I will be posting some photos for our house updates soon. The canopy is done (thank God), and just above it will be where the proposed room extension is. Hopefully, this will be the last of all the constructions that has been done, lol!

And finally, our trip to the Philippines this October. We've set the dates, but the hubby has still to submit the dates at his work for approval. We haven't got the ticket yet, since we are still figuring out if we can be able to drop by Hawaii for hubby's training session. It has to be approved by his company first since they have to come up with a budget for that, so it's kinda like we are still hanging.

So, these are all for the moment. I can probably catch up again for more updates after a month :). For the moment, I should be back to work and blog, blog and blog, with some household chores in between. I can feel I am a "jack of all trades" in my house, LOL!



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