Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Apple Babies

My Ipads 1 & 2, ipod classic and Iphone 1 (32GB)

Every time Apple gadgets are being released to the public, the competition from other brands made more Apple products even stronger and incomparable! I am not making a paid post for Apple (although I would be all willing to if they pay me, lol!), but I am an Apple user, from my Ipod to Ipad2 ;).

But anyway, since Apple Iphone and Ipad were made out to the public, many competitors started making their own "copycats", taking the chance of what other features they could add that Apple can't. But technically, Apple still tops everybody else.

There's nothing to argue about when you have Apple. In every product released for the first time, it wouldn't be perfect...and no gadget (even to other competitors) are 100% perfect for the first time it is released. Apple upgrades gets better and better every time they have ones. And taking one step at a time is always a success!


GeoLis said...

It's good for you, you have all those high tech gadgets. Ako kahit gusto di kaya ng budget at saka di naman talaga ako mahilig, kahit cp ko nga lagi ko pang nakakalimutan pag may pupuntahan, lol! But I won't mind having an iphone but it's too pricey.

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