Friday, April 22, 2011

Current Updates!

So, our next trip is set in July, - a Western Caribbean cruise...yey! It will be 4 nights, 5 days and will be departing from Miami, FL, which means we have to fly down there and then board the carnival ship on the departure date. We shall try to visit part of Miami and Key West, FL which is part of the itinerary, before the departure for Cozumel, Mexico. It should be fun doing it in the summer, much easier to pack clothes that way, lol!

We are as well eyeing to go Hawaii for a day or two before flying to the Philippines this October if hubby's training would be approved there. Cool!...something to be looking forward to ;).

Then, in October of this year, we will be going home again to finally schedule our housewarming. We are trying to work on dates when the kids are off school so we can hang together. Perhaps, a week with them would be good already, and hopefully we can set a schedule within that date for the housewarming party. I ordered invitations made special {wink} for people who will be around and can make it to attend our event. We aren't planning it to be a big event, just some few friends and family members are enough. The entire vacation would be a mixture of fun and making tough decisions in many things, which include some concerns on our dad's grave, and some decisions that have to be made.

On the other hand, hubby would be able to witness how "All Soul's Day" is being celebrated in the Philippines. We don't celebrate that in the US, but Easter Sunday is somewhat recognized :).

Would you believe our Philippine trip for next year is already planned as well? No exact dates yet, but it will be March 2012 where the kids are graduating...they made it, (yey again). Their tito Craig might get the chance to go up the stage for the graduates! Then their tito Craig would be treating them for a boracay adventure. Then, the planning would be tough because it would be a peak season. So, the earlier the better for the planning.

Well, this would be all for the meantime. It's just more on the updates of our plans.

So far, so good!

Happy Easter everyone!


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