Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When Money Goes Into The Wrong Pockets!

I was dumbfounded the first time my husband told me these; - "Filipinos are so sweet, happy people but when it comes to money, their personalities suddenly transform into greed."...then he quickly added; "of course, NOT ALL of them do that. I married a Filipina because of her astounding positive qualities than any other woman would have." So, there was a relief on that part for me, lol!

I am not against his first statement, and I couldn't disagree on it...why? It's the truth!

It's heart breaking to hear such a negative feedback from other people who happen to be in and out visiting our country for many years, particularly if you hear one referring to your countrymen, race, family, relatives, etc... It's also disheartening if you know somebody, a friend, a co-worker, a family relative, classmate, etc..!

But the fact mentioned in the statement is mostly true to many people in the Philippines. I wonder if that statement could be an effective criticism done constructively and wake them up! I myself don't even know the exact reason why this behavior exists so strongly, but I might as well state some ideas coming from my keen sense of observation...eyes, ears, nose, mouth, sense of touch, and the extra mental telepathy! hahahaha!

So, how would you react when your money goes into the wrong pockets? or being mismanaged? Why is it that some people can take the  chance of getting/accepting money from people who happened to trust them and wouldn't mind breaking that trust?  Is it because Philippines is a poor country and thus most people are desperate? or is it just because they were born and raised being greedy? One thing bad about people that I know which leads them to greed is that most of them want to live above their means. I see that mostly to people in the Philippines. Of course, I am not singling out my country...greedy people are all over the world! It so happened, they became so populated in the Philippines! Is this the strong pull of influence of crab mentality? Why can't just they learn to live below their means or at least live within their means? It's just like " I wanna show them I can afford, even if my financial status couldn't." or shall I say; - "Pedro just bought a new house, so I wanna buy a mansion to show I'm better off."

I grew up with a poor family, but the thing I can be proud of is that no matter how difficult life was, money wasn't a big issue! My parents were not perfect, but they raised me away from the temptation of being greedy. Money wise, I was trained to save wisely and keep what's mine, and respect what others have. Being trustworthy is one vital trait that I've learned not only from my parents but from other concerned friends as well. Whatever is entrusted to you, you take care of it, and let it be that way.

I feel good that when it comes to money, my husband and I consider it as a delicate serious matter. When we talk about it, we don't debate, no disagreements. We don't even think of whose pockets will this money go? We don't use "my money" or "your money". It is OUR money.
I can say I'm so much blessed with a good husband  with good financial stability. But we are living within our means. We have been so much blessed with many "extras" in life, but we still spend wisely.
I still search for coupons when I shop, I still go and mob with the crowd on the discount section of a store. Call me frugal, but worth it. It's the way how we live within our means!
I don't need to be so much interested accepting money from others putting it in my own pocket instead of taking the money to where it should be used.

If you are the one doing the bad behavior, how would you look at yourself when it comes to trust? Just imagine when you would hear people talking about you being NOT trustworthy, and greedy when  it comes to money. For sure you won't be happy about it...who does, anyway? But if it's the truth, you deserve it! (forgive me for being blunt, but I'm just stating facts.)
You maybe helpful, sweet, friendly, kind, (name all the positive traits) but what do those do when you can't even earn trust from others? It's like you're covering yourself with fancy decors to hide your dark side. Not even your religious actions can save you from that. Only God sees the real truth and beware!

Of course, money is only one material thing, and we can't bring it with us when we die. Many people would say "that's just money", but it doesn't mean you have to grab somebody's money and be greedy, put them in your pockets and spend them all then make up stories. It's ridiculously none sense, don't you think?

"Money is the root of all evil"...and you being the devil's advocate, you like that?

Talking about trust, it's not being given to you. It's not a simple concept gained overnight, as a poem would say. It is gained from others through your actions rather than asking them to trust you.

So, just imagine when money goes into the wrong pockets...it's disaster! It ruins your personality and credibility if you're pocketing a money that's not yours. You might not be confronted by people whom you've done wrong, but someday, God will!

Yun lang po...thank you!!!


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