Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting My US Passport (Part 2)

So, yesterday (April 2), I went to the local post office for my appointment for my US passport application. Everything has been done quite smoothly, without any hassles. It was a good thing, hubby came with me because he acted as a witness for me.

We went inside the office and we were taken into a small cubicle. There, the lady asked me if my photos have been taken, I had couple photos in my hand, but I don't like the way I look, so I told her I want to get another more recent photos, so she did :). Just after a minute and she's done with the photos, all cut and ready!

I gave her my application form which I already filled up online and printed it, and my Certificate of Naturalization. She asked me my driver's license, but I told her I only got an LP, and it wasn't acceptable, agh!!! She asked me for any other ID like a state ID, but I don't have one. So, fortunately, I got a very good husband!, LOL! He signed an affidavit as a witness, and a little bit of informal swearing, and after reading the swore in statement, he signed the affidavit, and presented his US passport. It was another good idea that I brought his passport as well. The lady photocopied the bio data page of his passport, returned back his passport and my Learner's permit (which was useless), but she retained the original copy of my certificate of Naturalization. She said the original copy of my certificate will be sent together with my application and will be returned back to me together with the passport.

After everything was done, we went to the cashier and I requested for an expedite service. She gave me a tracking number, then summed all the expenses. I asked her how long is the wait for an expedite service and she said it might take a week or a little more than that.

That ends the business transaction for that day! Whew! Hopefully, I can receive my US passport within a week...keeping my fingers crossed.


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