Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Has Come!

Thank more snow, no more freezing cold, and the trees are starting to show their colorful beauties. Yesterday, it was in the mid-70's and sunny! Of course, I was loving it and it was almost like an early summer, lol! Hubby started to sweat like crazy although it's still in the 70's. Both of us are not happy during winter, I happened to love summer, and he loves the spring and the fall. I like spring and fall because of their colorful effects, but there is probably that "it" factor that summer has, the reason why I still love it no matter hubby would say it's because I am a tropical person and I grew up all my life in a warm climate! That's true!

Anyway, I am happy on the temperature getting warmer, lol! This week would be in the mid-70's. We dressed up our swing at our back porch and it's an ideal place for me to sit or lie down there to catch the breeze and colorful trees surrounding our home.

Happy Easter everyone!


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