Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting US Passport!

Well, yes, I should say, I am done dealing with the USCIS. The next step on my list...getting a US passport! And it doesn't need to deal with the USCIS, lol. Locations in getting one isn't that difficult to find. Many passport facilities have been scattered everywhere including post offices. It so happened that we have one close to home, (only 3 minutes drive). I was thinking I can just walk-in but it is by appointment basis. Anyway, I got my appointment on Friday and prepared everything that is needed. I hope I can get it soon by the expedite service.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for my Phil. passport that I renewed at the Phil. embassy in DC. They said it takes 3-5 weeks before I can receive's already been 4 weeks since last Friday. Although I won't be using my RP passport in going out of the country, I desperately need that when I travel back to the Philippines so I can get  my dual citizenship done there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, the Phil. passport would arrive safely back to me.

So, still, the journey goes on...


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