Monday, December 8, 2008

We're Back in Anaheim!

After spending 3 nights in Las Vegas, and a 1 day tour in Grand Canyon, Arizona, thank God, we arrived Anaheim safe and sound tonight. The trip is long (by bus), but we had fun the fact that all we did was eat, drink, watch movie, hop off at bus stops for quick stretches, and did some quick shoppings too! :).

Our Grand Canyon tour was great! It was a 17 hours tour, but seeing one of God's masterpieces is all worth it! It was cold up there, but we were both well wrapped and warm. Can't wait to share lots of our photos, but I am still in the state of grogginess, quite tired and sleepy.

I missed my online neighborhood for a day and a half, LOL!

Anyway, hoping I can share the photos too soon. Time for me to take my beauty rest...hubby is already snoring!! :)).

See ya'll next time.


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