Monday, December 1, 2008

Our New York Trip - Nov.29,'08

We finally did our New York trip last Saturday. The cold was unbearable, almost close to freezing. Although, we were well-wrapped, the fact that we were in the outdoor for the whole day is still very cold.
We were able to visit ground zero (the twin towers/World Trade center), which is now a busy construction site, and the Statue of Liberty in Ellis Island. There are so much places to visit, but a one day visit isn't enough. We spent so much time waiting in long lines that took us more than an hour wait just to board the ferry going to Ellis Island where Statue of Liberty is. Perhaps, it was because it was on a weekend. Our wait was actually longer than our visit to the statue that only took us to 20 minutes to see it. Then, we had to hurry back to the bus stop on time, and getting a cab was a real challenge...heck! It was difficult to get one. We were at the middle of the street waving for a taxi, and we ended up chasing the empty cab just to get to our bus...
Anyway, that was fun and a good experience.
On to our next trip on December 6. CALIFORNIA-LAS VEGAS-ARIZONA. That would be another story folks! :)



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