Monday, November 26, 2012

Dad's 2nd Interment

Last Saturday (Nov. 24, 2012), dad's 2nd interment were finally scheduled! It was a little bit of a tension for the last minute plans, but thank God, everything went on smoothly according to plans. It was more personal and more private this time as it was only attended by few family members. This was planned as well ;).

We had a short prayer and a blessing from pastor Joemarie, who happened to be my cousin's husband. (thanks a lot, pstr. Joemarie & Dhess Magtulis)'re both God's angels sent to us in an event such as this. 
The event started at 4pm, and we were done by around 5pm. We then thought of  going to Cafe' Laguna for an afternoon snack. We were delighted with the food and even took home some for family guests and a bit for us :).

It was a busy day, but wasn't bad afterall. I felt relieved that this was done successfully according to how we wanted it to be done. It was all worth it. We think of it as a family investment. We all take our last breaths. It's just a matter of when our time will come. And that, being said, I would like to say  my mind will be more peaceful to think about it when it's our own time to go. Not even complicated agreements will have to come along because in the first place, all rules came settled loud and clear with no hidden fees, short, I got the land title paid in full and a clean title at that!! I think we chose a good place as well :). The maintenance care of the place will be's either you choose to pay or just do it on your simple as that. For the first 2 months, I chose to pay a carer just to take care of the bermuda grass while it was still newly planted and need more attention for its care until it grows fully well at its peak. Until our next visit for more updates!

The exact location is close to the main gate, so when visiting comes, it won't be too difficult getting in particularly if crowd sets in.


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