Monday, April 2, 2012

Rough & Tough Week!

It's been 9 days after we arrived home from the Philippines on a 2-week trip vacation and I am still having cough at times. I feel much better now although I still got those times when I suddenly have cough spells that are so annoying especially early in the morning, to the point where I go out of breath!

I had to take Nyquil and Dayquil tabs, and antibiotic pills (I bought in the Philippines since I can't get it OTC here in the US). A week of sleepless nights was tough! I had to take other brands of cough syrup (that seemed to be ineffective!), until I thought of just taking the Nyquil cough syrup for both day and night. That helped me sleep, and I guess the antibiotics helped as well.

I guess this is what I get when I spend too much in the outdoors, plus the fact that it was raining most of the time in the Philippines while having some fun with the family... I still haven't regreted the fact that I enjoyed myself with them. That moment where we were still outdoors doing some gigs while soaking wet while it was pouring hard! Hah! That was the culprit!

I sat on the plane for more than 12 hours barely without sleep because of cough while coming home! Whew! I survived that struggle. Arriving home felt like a heaven when I saw my bed calling, lol!

Thank God for the healing and the very much deserved rest I needed! Thank you too for a loving husband who has been my best nurse...waking up at the middle of the night running to the drug store to get me my medicine! I got my TLC too ;).


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