Monday, January 16, 2012

Blogger's Bad Glitches! :(

I should say, if anything catches up any glitch due to downed servers due to maintenance, etc...I can still hang up unto it, but NOT for blogger!

I have 5 active blogs hosted from blogger, and considering that these blogs are ALL income earners, I couldn't just afford to let them undergo bad glitches. I couldn't imagine myself sitting in front of my PC the whole day trying to figure out what was happening one day when all of a sudden ALL of my .com domain blogs were no longer accessible. I found out later that the problem seems to be on my end which means anybody can access them normally in another location, except for me! Oh well, that was partly a good news so all those unpaid posts can still be accessed for further checking so that I can be paid! :)

On the other hand, I still have to get them back to normal because I need my URL posts for every paid blog post I will submit. Considering that I have one pending paid post to be done the next day, I need to work double time in order to get it back to normal.
Ah...research here and there paid off, finally!!!! Whew!

I had to switch all my .com blogs to their blogger sub domain, which made me so hesitant at first because what if I can't switch them back to their .com? I took the risk anyway, but I had to start working on the one that is the least active blog, although that one has a Google page rank 1 (PR) already. I was just thinking the PR will get affected with the switching, but so far, it is still there!

It was just a good feeling to see them get back to normal seeing them online. But that glitch was strange to me and up to now, I don't have any idea what cause them to went "mixed up"!

Ahhh...blogger, you made me crazy for a day!


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