Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our Friday Movie Date!

Sometimes, there are really lot of unexpected surprises I get out of online surfing ;). For instance, yesterday, I visited my bookmarks and thought of checking what's new from my favorite theater showings. I then saw the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol at the bottom of the theater schedule and it shows it won't be shown until the 20th of next week. I tried watching the trailer anyway, and I discovered there are initial IMAX screenings dated for December 16, (Friday) which was yesterday. I tried asking my husband if we could go watch it at the IMAX theaters in Columbia, MD since he was coming home early anyway. So, luckily he said yes, but we have to buy tickets online. Good thing we called because the previous showing slots for that day were getting sold out. So, I hurriedly got the tickets online for the 7PM showing, and luckily, it was still available.

We arrived at the theater at 6:30pm, and the line was already long, lol! I stayed in the line, while hubby went to get our drinks and popcorn. It was perfect when we came in because we belonged to the early seaters going in. So, we were able to get a good seat at a perfect angle!
We love the movie shown through Imax!! It was really, really worth it!

That was our Friday movie date that wasn't planned and it happened as smoothly as possible without any hassles! Whew! Thank you, beloved!


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