Saturday, September 10, 2011

So Much Things To Do!

Okay, so we were out of hurricane "Irene", then came the raining non stop for a week. There were floodings in some part close to our area within our county, thank God we had the sunshine today! It was a bright day and still has the warmth of summer. I know we are on the last week of summer.
Sooner, fall is here. How I wish summer will be extended :(.

Since last week, we started getting a repair guy to fix our window screens, cut the tree in front of the house close to our garage door, and let somebody fix the piece of sidings on the right side of the house. We also had let the repair guy remove some of our back fence and extend the rest of the ends on the neighbors' fences, and the back porch has to be repaired as well.
So many concerns, and yet next week, we will be away for 5 days going Pennsylvania.

We hope everything should be all done before we go home to the Philippines in October. Whew!
We are looking forward to be just having R & R there and no stress for a while ;).
We'll see you soon, family!


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